Top 3 Breakfast Places In Barcelona


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Like my Instagram followers certainly have noticed, I’m such a sucker for breakfast. If I could choose, I might eat breakfast foods throughout the day!

I guarantee, that you don’t want to miss any of these while visiting Barcelona!

Couple of weeks ago we were in Barcelona. After some serious research on Instagram, El Tenedor (The Fork) and Tripsadvisor we decided to break our routine and visit some new places to have breakfast. And that’s quite exceptional for us! Normally if we stay in hotels we use the hotel buffet. Or if we stay in a apartment I like to make our breakfasts myself. You get what you want and you know what you get!

I am a pretty precise about the quality of the food and picky with the portions in the menu. These places turned out amazing and so delicious, that I wanted to share them with you. I guarantee, that you don’t want to miss any of these while visiting Barcelona! N.B. These are in random order because I think everyone is different and works for different mood and occasion.

THE JUICE HOUSE (Carrer del Parlament 12)

The house of food lovers. That’s how they describe themselves, and I couldn’t agree more! Juice bars are now appearing everywhere but this one deserves a special mention. They had a lot of free sugar treats, vegan dishes, raw food, but they are also meat friendly, so basically it’s for everyone who loves to eat. Don’t miss their juices, acai bowl or pancakes, those were divine! I can happily recommend this place for anyone who’s after clean food that you can enjoy without having a heavy conscience afterwards.








FEDERAL CAFÉ (Carrer del Parlament 39)

If you are looking for a delicious brunch at Barcelona, Federal Café is the place to go. They describe themselves as Australia influenced cafe, and like their other cafe in Madrid, the place was spacious, bright and sleekly designed. You can pick from a ready menu or create your own plate. This cafe is also spacious enough to go with a stroller, though they don’t have any children’s highchairs. Don’t miss their eggs (a lot of options), rye pancakes or yogurt. And the green juice is a must try! Mind you it’s always crowded, so you have to wait sometimes. Or be among the first costumers like we were!








BRUNCH AND CAKE (Carrer d’Enric Granados 19)

The food in this place was out of this world! The prices might seem high at the beginning but the portions were big and presentations just amazing. Their philosophy is: make absolutely everything by hand and slowly, with care, like grandmothers used to do. Wherever possible, they use organic and locally sourced ingredients, and their coffee is 100% organic and they use Valrhona chocolate. I would have liked to try out probably every portion in their menu, so good they sounded. Don’t miss their waffles with salty toppings or banana bread! And as in the previous place, also here you’ll probably have to wait a while, if you’re not among the first customers to arrive.

We were also told that they are opening a new place at the beach soon. This original one is located behind the Barcelona University.







Doesn’t these look super delicious?!

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