The White Side of Madrid

Have you ever thought about skiing or snowboarding in Madrid? Well, it’s entirely possible, as unbelievable it sounds! Actually there are three different skiing resorts close to Madrid, and the closest one to city center is called Puerto de Navacerrada in Cercedilla.

It’s been over a year, when we last visited there, and last Thursday we decided to do a little day trip to there.

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Puerto de Navacerrada is in the heart of the Madrid mountains, and only an hour drive by car from the city center, and about 45minutes from Majadahonda, where we live. Puerto de Navacerrada has an accessible and family-friendly atmosphere and there are almost 10 kilometers of pistes, which many of them run through pine forest. My husband who loves skiing explained to me that it’s divided into two areas: the upper area, with intermediate/difficult pistes, and the lower area with intermediate/beginners’ pistes. And if you’re more snowboarder, there is one piste dedicated only for boarders.

The easiest way to get there is by car. During the drive, you can enjoy the incredibly beautiful view, and maybe stop for a cup of coffee or lunch at one of the nearby villages. But if you don’t have the possibility to hop on a car, there are buses and regional rail services going daily from Madrid.

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puerto de navacerrada6

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We had heard a lot of stories about how Puerto de Navacerrada is just full of people, finding a parking space is absolutely impossible and that all in all access to there is quite a lottery. Well, we went there on Thursday afternoon, like 2pm. We got to drive in peace and enjoy the sunny and snowy view and find a park was really easy.

According to my husband the slope wasn’t not crowded and we found the table for us from the cafeteria quickly. So if you want to avoid the crowd and rush, I recommend you to visit this place on weekdays!

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It must be said, that I don’t personally like the snow or winter, and it was maybe the biggest reason why I was so eager about moving to Spain! But seeing the face of my husband while he is doing something that he loves, makes me like these kind of family activities.

And our son, Luca, he’s still getting to know better the whole snow and winter thing 😉 But soon he will have another change because on this Thursday we leave to a special trip to Sierra Nevada. Special because my husband turns 30 and he asked if we could do a little bit different trip this time instead of going to the beach. 🙂 He loves beach and sun as much I do but he loves also skiing and this time of the year is the best time for that because mountains have a lot of snow and days are long,sunny and warm.

After what I’ve heard about Sierra Nevada, I’m actually looking forward to it a lot and I’ll be sharing our trip highlights here and also on Instagram and Facebook with you of course.

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