September in Nerja

You have asked for a little update on our life, so here’s what our September looked like 🙂 .

I’ve never been an autumn person and back in Finland it only meant darkening evenings, colder weather and constant raining for me. But now I have a confession to make; I’m in love with September <3 .


 When we moved here to Nerja, I didn’t understand why people told me that they love autumn. Why not summer, I was wondering. Well, now after summer this September has showed us it’s best sides and it’s been so good for us:


 • The weather. It feels like summer still continues <3. Average daytime temperature in September was 24-28°C, which was super nice. Also mornings are still very warm because during night temperatures stays around 20°C. In September the weather is also really sunny and the autumn rains still haven't started. I think in the whole month we had maybe one or two days when it rained. But rain here is usually short and intense, so basically there wasn’t a day that we couldn’t do any outdoor activities or people couldn't go to the beach. So pretty perfect, I think.


 family portrait



 • Beach life. I’m not that much a swimmer, but gosh the sea water was warm in September! Beaches were still full of people, not crowded as they were in summer, and it was so nice to spent lovely morning or afternoon at the beach. No sweating nor freezing, absolutely wonderful temperatures for beach life.



Luca and ball

my boys


Fewer tourists. During the summer months Nerja was packed with tourists, but now they all have gone back to work and school. The tourists doesn’t bother me but it’s nicer to stroll around the old town, when the streets are not crowded and stop by in a café when there’s no waiting lines 😉 .

Traveling. Related to the above; As the holiday season is now over, traveling and staying at the hotels are much cheaper. My in-laws were visiting us, so we made several weekend trips alone with my husband, while our son enjoyed the company of his grandparents. Win-win kind of situation for everyone!


 mom and son


my son


 • Back to basics. Even though I love traveling with my family and exploring the world with my boys, it’s super nice that our son’s daycare is open again. Maybe I kind of love routines, but for me it’s a lot easier to workout, eat better and sleep enough, when I know that there is a certain schedule for the next morning and the whole week. You know, we are not any more on a vacation, even though we live in a place like this 😉 .





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