Salty And Sweet Summer Salad



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Now, when the weather has finally started to reach the summer temperatures here in Madrid (it took much longer than last year, or at least it felt like it and maybe this sun lover was just impatient 😉 ), the only thing I can imagine to eat, is the fresh salads and fruits. This salad was a real hit in a social media last summer, and I’m sure you couldn’t miss it. But in case you did, I thought I’d share it with you.

This juicy and fresh summer salad goes perfectly with grilled dishes, but is such a score by itself. The salty creaminess of the feta cheese is a perfect compliment to the cool sweetness of the watermelon, and mint brings a nice add to this combo. It’s still very simple to prepare and requires only few ingredients. The internet is full of delicious versions of this salad, but here’s how I like to make mine.

Please note, that this salad is best made just prior to serving. Prepare it one hour or less before your meal, or if you plan to serve it later, crumble the feta just before serving.





500g-1000g watermelon, cut into bite-size chunks
½ cucumber, cut into bite-sized chunks
100-200g feta cheese, crumbled
2 tbsp chopped fresh mint (You can also use fresh basil leaves, if you like it more or it’s more readily available)

(juice of one lime if you want to add some acidity)

Just chop all the ingredients, mix them in a big bowl and enjoy. I told you, that this is super easy and fast to prepare 😉 .


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