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Are you planning to fly away on your summer holidays? I have found that airports are always full of those tempting fatty and salty offering restaurants and sugary loaded cafes, and not to mention all of those open-all-hours pubs, which are calling your name, while waiting for your flight.

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and you shouldn’t worry all the time about the diet you’ve followed whole spring, but in my opinion going away neither shouldn’t be an excuse to completely disregard healthy eating. The main reason for this is the fact, that right kind of food can make the whole journey itself more comfortable and you feel good after travelling.

I think, that there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination feeling bloated and frowzy after the flight! Most people with whom I’ve been talking about this, believe that it’s just the way it is and nothing can’t be done. Wrong! All the foods and beverages which you enjoy while traveling play a big role in this case, and there are several things you can do to make your next flight more enjoyable.

I gathered for you some food related tips to keep it healthy and feeling better while flying!





The day before. What you eat before take off is as vital as what you eat during the flight, especially when we are talking about flights that depart early in the morning or long-haul flights. Having a nutritious and well balanced dinner the day before your flight, may help to reduce the jet lag and to improve your overall feeling, when you combine it with good qualified snacks during the flight.

I recommend to eat the night before the flight light foods such as grilled or steamed lean meats or fish served with fiber rich salad and oven roasted veggies. Or vegetable filled soups, which are not highly salted. Also avoid white bread, rice and pasta and all the foods which are fatty or processed, because those kinds of foods worsen your night’s sleep and make you feel crappy and bloated in the morning, and you even haven’t stepped into the plane yet!

Be prepared. Pack healthy snacks with you before you drive to the airport. Yes, nowadays you can find also some healthier options from the airport, but a) who has time to search for the best options in that hurry (I know you’re going to rush in a first cafe you’ll see and crab that sandwich, a bottle of Coke and a bag of chips) and b) who wants to pay for those ridiculously overpriced items!

Choose, for example, nuts and fruits or berries (fresh or dried ones), energy and protein bars, self stuffed whole wheat sandwiches, pre-chopped veggies, crisp breads or individually packaged cheese sticks. You can also make some protein packed salad or whole wheat wraps to wait for lunch time, or a serving of instant oatmeal and just ask for some hot water on a plane.






Eat before your flight. Don’t enter the plane feeling hungry, it only makes you crave after those salty and sweet snacks the flight attendants are offering during the flight. Have a nutritious breakfast or meal full of filling and watery veggies and fruits before you get on the plane. It’s also really important to add some good source of protein (such as chicken, egg, beans, dairy products or fish), because those can help minimizing the unwanted effects of sugary snacks you might indulge after the meal.

I normally prefer smoothies and salads combined with some good source of protein, like omelet or grilled chicken fillet. Those kind of foods makes me feel good unlike the salty and greasy foods served in the airplane.


Drink enough. And now we are talking about water. Airplanes have very low humidity, and to stay hydrated when you’re in the air is important, because dehydration just makes you feel sluggish and bloated (not to mention what it makes to your skin!). Make sure you drink lots of water before, during and after the flight (Yeah, it means several visits to the toilet, but it’s worth it!), because this simple thing really helps you feel so much better!

If you get bored with plain water, chose caffeine-free drinks such as herbal teas or coconut water, which offers to you vitamins, electrolytes and minerals and is low in sugar. Avoid all the fizzy drinks, because they often contain a lot of sugars and calories, and will make you feel bloated for no reason!






Avoid alcohol. I know this tip sounds so lame and boring, but it really helps you feel fresh and healthy at the time you land. To stop the dehydration, try not to drink alcohol containing beverages before you enter the plane and during the flight. Changes in air pressure means that you’re more likely to be affected by alcohol when flying and alcohol will also disrupt your sleep patterns, which is the last thing you’d want to have during a long flight.

The same rule goes also with caffeine, which makes you look and feel puffy when you fly. The best choice would be to avoid caffeine the day you travel and during the flight. Or simply just drink lots and lots of water to fix the dehydration caused by caffeine 😉 .

I’m sure you have noticed, that I recommend preparing your own meals and snacks, and taking them with you whenever possible. Firstly, it means that you really know what you are eating and if your flight is for some reason really delayed, you have plenty of deliciousness to keep you going. And secondly it will save for sure some money and you don’t need to queue no longer, after you’ve passed the security check. Those healthy snacks will also stop you from wanting industrial plane food, and you can enjoy all the delights without feeling guilty, when you get to your destination!




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