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Finally, I can tell you a big secret; We are moving to Nerja! This is something, that we have been talking about for a long time, planning for past autumn and now it’s really happening in the end of this month. Words can’t even describe how excited I am.
Since we moved to Madrid, we’ve been talking about the possibility to one day live at the coast here in Spain. Then last summer my husband started to talk and have plans for our second home or holiday home at the coast. At that time our plan was to stay still in Madrid. So he did a lot of research and August he visited few places and saw many apartments and found one from Nerja we decided to buy. Same time my husband’s businesses started to have some changes and going more and more to that direction where he can work from basically where ever. As long as we stay in Europe mainly because of the time difference and ability to move fast between countries and cities. So in short time the decision was taken – we will move to Nerja!

So where is this Nerja? This super cute and beautiful place is located on the seashore about 50 km from Málaga to east, and it’s actually the eastern tip of Málaga’s Costa del Sol. It’s going to be a totally different world with it’s population around 22.000 people than Madrid, where we’ve been living for almost 2,5 years now. One thing that we are particularly delighted is that Nerja offers endless beaches (To be more precise, 16 kilometers a total of them) with clear water. So a lot of seascape and beach photos coming on your way, hahhah. Ooh, how I’ve missed the sea!








And why to Nerja? Well, we visited Nerja first time at the summer of 2011, and I totally lost my heart to it. Even though Nerja is tourist-oriented, like almost all the coastal places in Spain, you can still sense the authentic Spanish way of living there. The charming old town, beautiful Paseo Balcón de Europa (the promenade) and cute little restaurants, are just few things there, that attract us. And although Nerja itself is a relatively small place, it’s only a short drive, for example, to Málaga and Granada.








This whole January will go so fast and we still have a lot to do before moving, so if you don’t hear of me that often, don’t worry. I’m probably queuing for some office (there’s million offices where to visit when you’re moving…), packing our moving boxes or assembling new furniture (Well hello IKEA, be good to me!). I’m going to update our news and what have happened whenever I have time, probably mainly on Instagram, so stay tuned!






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