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I already have some chia pudding recipes on my blog, but I love coming up with fun new flavors. Basically, chia pudding is so versatile and you can change the flavor even every time, if you get bored. Replace the coconut milk with some other plant based milk, and use lime or orange instead of lemon. Or go crazy, and replace lemon juice and zest with cacao powder, a dash of vanilla powder and some cacao nibs, you decide! This particular one is light, refreshing, and perfect for breakfast at this beautiful time of the year when sun is up early and you don’t want to waste time for making breakfast!

The original recipe says, that the pudding is ready after 30 minutes, but if you prefer more intense flavor and thicker pudding, mix the ingredients in the evening and let it sit over night. You can also make the pudding completely smooth by mixing it at the end with a hand mixer or in a blender, if you don’t like the texture of chia pudding. Just blend until smooth. I can tell that it’s also child approved, when the texture is smooth 😉 .


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 Ingredients for two portions:
4-6 tablespoons chia seeds (I like my pudding as thick as possible, so I used 6tbsp)
4 dl of coconut milk or almond milk, or any other plant-based milk you prefer (unsweetened)
honey or some other sweetener to sweeten (the amount depends on how sweet you want it to be. Taste the mixture and add a little by little.)
2 teaspoons lemon zest
juice of ½ -1 lemon
A pinch of salt

+ your favorite toppings, such as berries, whipped coconut cream, cacao nibs, nuts, spices, fruit slices and coconut flakes


• Making this pudding couldn’t be any easier! Just mix all the ingredients well in a glass jar.
• Let the mixture sit in a fridge for 30 minutes until jelled, or over night.
• Stir, check the flavor and serve with your favorite toppings.
• Enjoy!

p.s. This pudding is also the perfect dessert, if you fancy something fresh and light after a heavier meal 😉 .


💛: Sanna


 lemon chia pudding2


 The original recipe can be found here in Finnish:



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