I used to hate running



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I definitely haven’t always loved running. In the past, I used to be that person who ran only if I was being chased. I didn’t care about health benefits which I would’ve been able to achieve by running: more energy, better fitness, lower blood pressure, more efficient metabolism, etc. I saw only the negative aspects. I thought that running was boring, it hurt and it didn’t give me any results.

In the past I ran because I had to, today I run because I want to!




However, every time we went on a vacation, I packed my running shoes with me and I put them on almost every morning! Maybe it was the warm weather or new place, but something made me always run on our vacation and above all I really started to enjoy it. I also noticed that running is one of the best way to see new spots and discover what you have in a few kilometer radius! And yes, while enjoying sunny vacation, I experienced for the first time “the runner’s high”. In the past, I thought people were insane for claiming such a thing existed!




It’s funny how much has changed in recent years. Now we are planning the days in the way that both of us have the own time for running, even on a holiday! Today, when we live in a warm and sunny place, I would not want to give up my runs in any circumstances! My day starts perfectly if I can roll straight out of bed and jump into my running shoes. I love to run on empty streets at the same time when the city is waking up and the sun is rising. It is entirely my own my time!




Running clears my mind and gives me the energy to take on the day. It is my way to reduce the stress and solve things on my mind.

In the past I ran because I had to, today I run because I want to!


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