HYPOXI, does it really work?


N.B. This post is also translated into Spanish and you can find it here.

It’s been only a few days since I finished my last HYPOXI session and as I promised it’s time to share my results and feelings about the training with you.

This chance to train in collaboration with HYPOXI Studio Spain could not happen at a better time. Because as we speak, I’m enjoying my results on a vacation (see picture here). If you don’t yet know what I’m talking about, check my older post, where I explained the concept.





Like on the last post I explained, the whole HYPOXI concept was already familiar to me. Six years ago I tried it first time and I got a really impressive results. So I was pretty excited to do it again. You probably wonder that what works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for me and this is why I love HYPOXI. It can be totally personalized for your needs. For example, women struggle more often with those stubborn fat stores around hips, bottom and thighs, and unflattering cellulite, while men want to get rid of their bellies and love handles. At the HYPOXI studio, the professional staff will tailor the program exactly for you and aim the training to the right places.

After checking the weight and doing some other measurements, my coach planned a program for me, which included 30 minutes training either on the S120 or on the L250 in my optimal fat burning zone. Then with a help of my coach I slipped into “a suit” which is made of wetsuit-like material, is airtight and sits just under your breasts and goes all the way down to your hips. There is also a hoop-like structure attached to the suit at around hip-level, which is what clips you into the airtight HYPOXI machine.





Both machines, S120 and L250, are meant to burn fat around your hips, bottom, tights, lower back and lower stomach. The only difference between these two is, with one you are more in upright position and with the other one you lay on your back. The actual exercise is like pedaling on the exercise bike, but compared to a spinning class, it’s like a laid-back sunny, summer day cycling 😉

It’s not intended that you start sweating, the goal is to make sure your heart rate stays under its maximum zone and a rpm between the numbers you’ve been guided. That is how you stay on your maximum fat burning zone and achieve the best results. During the training you can do whatever. I usually replied to my emails, browsed through Instagram and Facebook and studied Spanish with Brainscape-app, everything I could do with my iPhone ;).





The right nutrition is also an important part of HYPOXI Training but for me the changes were really small. I just had to adjust a little bit the rhythm how I ate them during the HYPOXI training days. For the best results, you don’t have to follow any strict diet but I suggest you to follow their nutritional guidelines during the training.

In a nutshell that means, that you should:
– Eat the majority of carbs 2-4 hours before your HYPOXI Training
– Some small carb dense snack an hour before your HYPOXI Training
– No eating for 2 hours after (also no caffeine, but drinking water is highly recommended)
– No eating carbs for 4-6 hours after you’ve finished.

No eating doesn’t mean no eating carbs at all. For example, I had salads, water dense veggies and fruits low in sugar combined with some protein source in the evenings. I just skipped pasta, sweet potatoes, bread etc. on those days I had HYPOXI Training. And yes, no alcohol at all, because that’ll stop the fat burning. On HYPOXI free days, your calorie intake should also be slightly higher than on training days to keep your metabolism rolling. This all may sound a bit tricky, but don’t worry, your coach will guide you!

Doing HYPOXI Training doesn’t mean you get to skip your normal exercising routines. You should continue living an active lifestyle taking into account just few things. You should not participate in any other exercise after your HYPOXI to achieve maximum results. And if you still want to go training on the same day, it should happen in good time before HYPOXI Training, or at least 6 hours after. You don’t want to ruin fat burning on your lower body by having arm workout right after! The same applies also to having a massage and or going to sauna.





And the results I got? During my 12 sessions of HYPOXI, I lost 3.7kg and 19cm in total! To be more specific, I got for example 2cms off my stomach, 2cms off my hips, 4cm off my thigh, and 3,5cm off my bum. I think that’s pretty amazing especially because it happened in three and a half weeks. Also, the texture of my skin became tighter and smoother, which was one of my biggest wishes.

So I’m really happy with the results and now the problem is; should I book more HYPOXI Sessions to get even more amazing results 😉

Don’t forget to check their website and book your free HYPOXI trial! In Majadahonda Studio you are going to feel really welcomed and their amazing and friendly staff will be happy to help you both in Spanish and English 🙂




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