Get Ready For A Healthy Year 2017!


New year means a fresh start for many of us. Healthier and stronger you, better food choices, lost kilos or maybe simply happier and better life. Everything seems possible at the end this year, doesn’t it?

If you have already set your goal for the upcoming year, it’s time to plan some strategies for reaching them. Follow these tips to stay on track on a positive note and ensure your way for a healthy year. Starting right now!








What you really want? Get clear about what is your goal and what motivates you to get there. Goals help measure the progress, and they should be specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic. Do you want to feel more energetic or confident about yourself, or maybe lose some weight, fit better into your clothes or sleep better? Don’t pick up too many goals, or your journey might be a little bumpier.

Plan it. Write it down and plan how you’re going to achieve your goal. Take a look at your calendar and figure out how to make time for the things that will help you during your journey. For example, losing weight requires time for working out and preparing healthy meals, and of course doing the groceries. If it’s in your calendar, you can’t skip it 😉 . A good plan helps you over of those toughest days.

Make your plans public. It is much easier to stick to your plan, when you have told about it also to the others than your spouse. It’s also a lot convenient for you to refuse a piece of cake, or go to bed early, rather than partying at dawn, when you have “a real excuse”. Yes, I used the word excuse instead of reason, because some people will for sure think of that way. But don’t let them ruin your good flow, they’re just jealous of your perfect plan 😉 .

Be prepared. Once you have made your plans public, prepare also your environment. If your goal is to lose weight, throw away the foods you aren’t going to use (you would love to eat all of those candies and snacks, but believe me, it’s better just to get rid of them!), then organize the ones you will. Stock up on fruits, veggies, nuts, lean protein, and whole grains, then do some prep to make it easy to use them during the week. Cook double batches of healthy meals and freeze half of them for busy days. If your goal is to get stronger and more fit, pack your gym bag already in the evening and choose the gym clothes you’re going to wear next morning. Go to bed on time, and be pleased with yourself in the morning!







Don’t rush. Most common mistake that many people make when trying to live a healthier life, is trying to do everything at once. You eat only salads and egg whites, workout at least five times a week, skip all the desserts, drink 3 liters of water per day, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself running to the nearest gas station to buy all the white bread, chips and sweets they have, instead of going to bed early. Too strict and many goals = disaster. Have only 1-2 goals at a time, and when you have established new good habits, put a couple more goals on your plate.

Reward yourself. There’s a little child in all of us, who makes more effort if the prize is tempting enough. The prize doesn’t have to bee big or pricey, but it must be relevant exactly for you. Buy new water bottle after a successful month of workouts, or new bed linen after you’ve lost 2 kilos. If Starbucks’ chocolate muffin is the thing you desire, make that to your reward. Whatever motivates you to stay on track!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. No one is perfect, and you will fall off the wagon at some point of your journey. The only thing that matters is, that how fast you get back on board. If you had an unplanned cookie, don’t use it as an excuse to throw in the towel and eat the whole package of those. Just forget that lapse, and keep going!







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