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The summer is officially here, which means teeny tiny summer clothes and swimsuits. Exercising regularly and eating healthily are the only two proven and effective ways to look and feel your best by the pool or on the beach. I’m sure that we all agree with this! In that case, that you still need a little help to be self-confident and pleased with how you look, you should check these food related tips.

Eating the wrong foods before you hit the pools and beaches can make you feel uncomfortable and lead to unwanted bloating. I gathered for you the most common foods to avoid, so you don’t have to hide under the towels feeling inconvenient, while others are enjoying sunny days!






Fizzy drinks. Say goodbye to all carbonated beverages, because those cause gases to build up in your stomach, which immediately bloats you up. And this really means all fizzy drinks; soft drinks (yes, even diet ones!), beers, mineral waters, sport drinks, sparkling wines…

Try swapping the soda for water, or if that sounds too dull, try some mint, berries or lemon flavored water or coconut water.

Dairy Products. Sensitivity of lactose can range from mild to severe, but either way, as a rule gas, swollen belly and other belly discomforts will be the result.

To make you feel comfortable by the pool or lying in the sand on the beach, save all the dairy products for later!

Salty foods. Salty foods like chips, fries and frozen dinners (Yes, even the diet ones!), don’t necessarily make you feel gassy, but they definitely make you retain water and look super bloated. And not to mention, those kind of foods are full of unnatural chemicals, which you don’t want to enter into your body even if you’d wear pajamas whole day!






Certain Veggies. These super nutritious veggies are great and highly recommended foods for your health and long-term weight loss, but not the ones you want to put in your mouth before wearing the bikinis. Veggies like broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, onions and kale contain a complex sugar called raffinose, which goes undigested until it reaches the large intestine, where it’s fermented by methane-producing bacteria. And the outcome is gas and lovely bloat!

Also peas, legumes and edamame can cause the same kind of reactions in your body, because of oligosaccharide, a type of sugar which is not normally digestible by our bodies. When your body tries to work with it, the gas you produce is an unfortunate byproduct…

If you need to eat these kind of foods before some fun in the sun, eating them in moderation and along with easily digestible whole grains such as rice or quinoa should help a little to prevent a bloated belly.

Apples and pears. These fruits are super nutritious and I eat them every day, but they also contain fructose, which is hard to digest for some people. They also contain about five grams of fiber per fruit, which means they are a brilliant source of soluble fiber, but aren’t that great for sensitive tummies causing unusually full and bloated feeling.

This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid them entirely, just don’t binge eat them before you put on your smallest beach outfit!

Chewing Gum and Hard Candies. A single piece of gum or hard candy may seem harmless, but when you chew or suck on these, you’ll probably end up swallowing large amounts of air, which makes your belly to swell. Gums and candies also contain a lot of sugar alcohol and artificial sweeteners, which may cause collywobbles and major bloating too.

If you feel that you need something refreshing, simply just brush your teeth before jumping in your swimsuit.

Alcohol. I wouldn’t want to be the boring bearer of bad news, but alcohol really makes you look and feel bloated. Not in that same second you enjoy your favorite drink in a sunbed, but at the latest the following day. I recommend you to limit the use of alcohol especially the day before your bikini debut, to be the best version of you. Who wants to be hangover on the sunny day anyway?

The easiest way to prep for a pool day, is to drink water. Yes, so simple! Staying hydrated will keep your metabolism running smoothly, and actually combat water retention, because drinking stimulates your body to release fluids. Also reach for all those hydrating foods, like watermelon, grapefruits, oranges and mushrooms, to help flush all excess water out from your system and creating a toned look. All the leafy greens, quinoa, eggs, oatmeal, berries, pineapple and peppermint (either tea or leaves mixed with water) for example will also help you to look fabulous in your bathing suit.


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