Will one night of feasting make you gain weight?

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Are you planning an evening with your friends or maybe you are going for a dinner meeting where you can’t choose your own meal? Normally, you wouldn’t even think about food and eating in advance, but the summer and the teeny tiny swimsuits peeking around the corner will make you hesitate and maybe even a little bit anxious about upcoming night out of the diet or meal plan. But hey, no worries! One night of feasting and enjoying your life doesn’t make you gain weight and ruin your diet.


Many people feel guilty on a next day for eating too much or differently compared to their normal, even if they had had a very nice evening with friends. And this is totally unnecessary, because during one evening you cannot cause very large or permanent destruction. You will not ruin your diet or the results you have already achieved, even if you overeat (or -drink) every now and then. Yep, you may not want to hop on scale on the next morning, because the weight is probably a bit higher than normally due the water retention. This “extra weight” should shed after a few days back on your normal, healthy way of living.



And to make this all a little more logical, I’ll give you an example: If you are an average sized person and your daily calorie intake is around 2000kcal, you would need to eat probably around at least 3500 kcal more than you usually eat to gain 500g. So, in total that means that to gain weight, you’d need to eat or drink more like 5,000 to 6,000 during one day and that’s a lot of food. To be honest, it’s quite hard to eat that much on top of what you need for daily maintenance. Of course, if you keep having these feast sessions regularly, even daily or weekly, it’s a completely different story.



With this post I don’t want to encourage you to overeating or drinking, I just want to show you that one night out of plan and normal routines doesn’t ruin your diet nor make you gain weight. So, no need for punishing yourself or feeling guilty. Have fun and enjoy what the evening will bring. Focus on the positive benefits the night out of plan gave you and how much you enjoyed spending time with your friends or co-workers.


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