Why you shouldn’t skip the lunch break?

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I’m sure that you’ve heard, that a heavy dinner late in the evening is bad for your overall wellbeing and that breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. But how about lunch? It’s often ignored, and I’ve seen a lot of people skipping it totally explaining that they’re in a hurry, trying to lose weight, trying to be more efficient at work, etc. However, ensuring you have a proper lunch break from work or studying during the day can have numerous benefits both for your physical and mental health, not forgetting work efficiency. Let me explain a little bit.

  • This first one might seem obvious, but your body and especially brain needs energy and the only way to fix this situation and sustain proper energy levels, is to eat. Simple as that. If you skip your lunch without eating anything, your energy levels will drop, and the rest of the day will be really hard to get through. Even in a hurry and deadlines approaching, eat something!


    The best choices to eat for lunch are foods like fish, avocado, seeds and nuts, whole grains and blueberries, for example, as they give your body and brain long lasting energy without afternoon slump.
  • Eating lunch is also very important for you, if you’re trying to lose weight. Studies have shown that people who don’t eat lunch fail in weight loss or even worse, tend to gain more weight in a long run. And this all just because they overeat at dinner to compensate the lack of lunch. Also, without steady supply of energy, your body will begin to slow down activities that aren’t necessary, which means that for example your metabolism and digestion slow down. And next time you eat, your body will process your food slower and all of these processes together may easily lead to weight gain.
  • As important as eating the lunch is, is actually taking a real break. Even 15 to 20 minutes break is a proven way to sustain concentration, work efficiency, motivation and adequate energy levels throughout the day. Checking your emails, upcoming meetings or to do-lists at the same time while stuffing lunch sandwich to your mouth without even noticing it, doesn’t do the trick. You and your brain will need some proper respite to work in most efficient way during the rest of the day. Leave your workspace, have lunch with your colleagues if possible, talk about things that are not related to work or studying and you’ll be the best worker version of yourself also after the lunch break.
  • And last but not least: Don’t forget hydration! It’s not really connected to eating lunch, but lack of hydration combined with inadequate energy intake means for sure irritability, poor concentration and poor performance before your day is over. So, don’t do this to yourself!

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