Why Choose Pilates Reformer Exercise?

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What are the benefits of Pilates Reformer Workouts and why am I so super excited about it? I got hooked on these workouts, read more about it from here, and have been taking the Pilates Reformer classes during this summer. Apparently, my workout photos on Instagram have been so hooking and / or entertaining, that you have sent me a lot of questions related this workout method. So, here you have listed the main benefits of Pilates Reformer workout, maybe those will clarify things a bit. And if you still have some questions, the comment box is open!


It’s a full body workout. While that commonly known pilates on a mat works mainly on your core, Reformer Pilates trains just as hard the rest of your body. Working out happens using the resistance of springs and during the exercise you will lift, push and stretch. The resistance similar to weight training challenges your body to tone and strengthen your muscles. The ways to exercise are endless and you can focus on your arms, legs, bum and back, literally work your entire body.



It stretches you and gives better posture. Maybe you’ve heard that Pilates workouts lengthens the muscles, which isn’t really possible. But it really does give you the appearance of greater length while releasing tensions. Introducing stretching into your workouts will help prevent injuries, increases your range of motion and will improve your performance. Reformer Pilates exercise stretches your body in effectively, twisting and rotating you in positions you’ve never even dreamed of with the help of springs. At the same time your stability improves, and you’ll get better posture and alignment.

Leaves you feeling calm and gives your brain a boost. Breathing in a right way is an important part of Reformer Pilates and when mastering it, the exercise will calm your mind and help find the right rhythm. And when you concentrate on trickier movements, both your body and mind have to stay active and without noticing it you improve their performance and efficiency little by little. If you really have concentrated on the workout, your mind is clearer, you feel de-stressed and relaxed after the class.



Small classes. Due to the size of each reformer machine, most Pilates Reformer classes tend to be no larger than around 10 participants. At Movimiento Consciente group size is max 3 persons so you’ll get a lot of attention from the instructor, who will guide your technique through the whole class and motivate you to stretch that little bit further.

It suits for everyone. The use of springs, straps and the carriage in a Pilates Reformer class makes it so called low impact workout option, so it’s perfect for all of us. It’s a safe option for staying healthy and active during the pregnancy, an excellent way to exercise while recovering from an injury and a popular option for those who normally head straight to the gym or nearest running path (Hello there!) to switch up and benefit their routine too. Who wouldn’t want a better body awareness which improves technique and stronger muscles that help you to move more efficiently.



And hey, don’t forget this discount!
You all get a 20% off when buying a 3-month pass (You can choose one or two classes/ week). Just mention code LA VIDA FRESCA, when you go there first time 🙂 . The first class is always free and without any obligations. So, if you want to book your first class or to know more about Movimiento Consciente pilates and yoga studio, check their website: www.movimientoconsciente.es or send them email: info@movimientoconsciente.es. You’ll find them also on Instagram: @estudiomovimientoconsciente .


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