White pre-Christmas in Sierra Nevada

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We had a lovely Christmas break start in Sierra Nevada, like my Instagram followers already noticed for sure.

The place was already familiar to us because we were there celebrating my husband’s birthday roughly two years ago. If you want to learn more about Sierra Nevada and read the previous post, you’ll find it here.



We stayed at the same hotel as last time, Inside Plaza Sierra Nevada. It’s so perfect with a small child. Centrally located in Pradollano (main village), spacious fully-equipped apartments with stunning views, a remarkable number of restaurants and cafes within walking distance and it’s just 5 minutes’ walk from the main lift. Just to mention few positive things!

My mother-in-law was this time with us, which was a huge help with 3.5 years old super active kid 😉 .



The days went past quite fast, even though we didn’t have planned anything special. As soon as we got to Sierra Nevada, we drove up to 2500 meters to the place called “Hoya de la Mora” which is “the” place and paradise for sledding. It was quite windy that day and our son soon announced that he was already done with sledding. He clearly needed a little “settling time” with snow 😉 .



The second day was really sunny and it actually felt warm (yes, when wearing decent winter clothes) at Borreguiles, which is the main skiing area where many restaurants, slopes and lifts are concentrated. You can get to Borreguiles from Pradollano with two different gondolas even without the skis. Although, you’re not allowed to take the sled with you but you can have a lot of fun without it too, just like we did.

And when it was our son’s nap time (Yes, he still takes 2 hours’ nap every day!), my husband headed to the slopes.



All in all, we had a perfect two nights’ get away trip and now it’s time for Christmas <3.



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