Whipped berry chia porridge

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Have you already tried whipped chia porridge that is for sure a true family favorite? Traditional Finnish whipped porridge is a sweet, wheat semolina dessert porridge made with berries, and this upgraded version of it is a lot healthier and more nutrient dense. Basically, it’s blended chia pudding, but in case you aren’t familiar with this concept, I’m wanted to share this treat with you!

My personal opinion is that, sour berries suit best for this porridge, but you can also add some strawberries to bring some sweetness. I prefer lingonberries and redcurrants, but this time I used all the leftovers from our freezer and the result was mixed redcurrant, blackcurrant and raspberry whipped porridge. What a delicious combination!



Ingredients for two servings:
2 dl (light) coconut milk for a creamier version, but you can also use almond, coconut – almond or oat milk
3 tbsp chia seeds
2 dl of frozen lingonberries, currants or raspberries (all mixtures are also excellent)
½ – 1 banana OR 3-4 dried dates (remove stones and cut a little bit smaller)
1 tbsp of maple syrup, honey or erythritol for a less-sugar version
1 tsp vanilla extract or a hint of genuine vanilla powder


In the evening: Mix chia seeds in a bowl or jar with the milk of your choice and leave it on the table for 10 minutes. Re-stir (to mix the seeds evenly with the milk), cover the jar with a lid / clingfilm and put the mixture in the fridge. Let it sit in there overnight.

In the morning: Put chia-mixture, frozen berries, banana / dates, sweetener and vanilla into a blender and blend until smooth and airy. Or use hand blender, works also.

• Serve whipped chia porridge, for example with almond or oat milk, berries and nuts / nut butter. If you are in a festive mood, eat it with a vanilla sauce or (coconut) whipped cream.

The porridge will keep in the fridge for a couple of days if you want to make the bigger batch at a time.


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