When football is bigger than life: How to buy tickets to football game in Madrid?

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Well, I guess it was already time for me to write a post related to football! However, this is not a game report, even though I’ve seen quite a lot of games on this season… Nope, I’m going to share with you some handy and practical tips how and where to buy those lot wanted football tickets in Madrid. I get quite often questions about buying tickets from football fans who are coming to Madrid, so let’s put all these tips together and share them with all of you.

You certainly couldn’t miss the fact that our family are big fans of Atletico de Madrid, so apologies for all the Real Madrid fans. However, I try to keep the tips as neutral and fair as possible to make them useful and helpful for all the football fans, regardless of the team 😉 .



As many of you for sure know, football is in Madrid and overall in Spain bigger than life for most of the people. During this season (2018-2019), Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid are playing in La Liga, but as well as three other teams: Getafe, Leganes and Rayo Vallecano. Therefore, it’s more than likely that some of the teams has a game day during your stay in Madrid.

Tickets for the games should be bought from the teams’ own web site. That’s the place where the tickets come first official for sale and it is more likely that you will get the tickets to the game. Sure, you are able to buy tickets for months before the game from different online sites, but usually those are really overpriced. Even tickets for Atletico’s and Real Madrid’s games can be as cheap as 30€ – 40€ (the most economical ones), if you buy them directly from their website and if you are in right time in a right place.


Buy tickets from here:

Atletico de Madrid: http://www.atleticodemadrid.com/entradas

Real Madrid: https://www.realmadrid.com/entradas

Getafe CF: https://www.getafecf.com/Entradas

C.D. Leganes: https://www.cdleganes.com/entradas

Rayo Vallecano: http://www.rayovallecano.es/noticias  (It seems that to the games of Rayo Vallecano, tickets should be bought straight from the ticket office located at their stadium. On their page you find “noticias” (news) and there it seems to be the information always about the upcoming games, tickets, prices etc.)



When buying tickets, you should be alert as those come for sale quite randomly. For example, during this season, my husband wanted to go to see the Atletico’s first game of the season in Valencia, and the tickets came for sale only one week before the game day. Maybe not the best system and the way to sell tickets, at least for the most nervoust ones… However, usually the tickets are available about 2 weeks – 2 months before the game on the home teams website. The same thing happened when we bought tickets for the local derby Real Madrid – Atletico de Madrid which was played at Santiago Bernabeu. Tickets came on sale on Monday and the game was played on Saturday. I can tell that I had one super nervous husband behind all the possible screens trying to buy those tickets 😉 .

In practice, tickets are released for sale first for the members each team (for those who doesn’t have season tickets but are club members) and then a couple of days after that, ticket will be available also to everyone else. These terms are usually told very clear on the teams’ web site, as their goal is of course to sell as many tickets as possible and to fill their stadiums on game day. However, for example, the Real Madrid – Atletico de Madrid game which I mentioned earlier, this info came out only about a couple of weeks before the game day, and many fans very already like cats on hot bricks and unsure if they’ll get the tickets…

About Champions League games I think it’s wort to mention as a sidenote that although you might think otherwise, tickets can be bought quite well. This is because the clubs sell two different season card options, one covering only La Liga games and other one which has everything included. Some season card member just buy the La Liga one which means that for the Champions League games there are normally more tickets available for sale.  Of course, closer we get to the end of the season and when the games starts to be quite big (quarter-finals, semi-finals), getting the tickets is getting harder and harder.


What if the tickets are no longer available or it seems that the game is sold out? There are some web sites where people are selling so called “second hand” tickets. One of the most popular one in Spain is www.viagogo.es. My husband got a few years ago tickets for the Champions League semi-final Atletico Madrid – Bayern München when it seemed that the game was already sold out. Everything went well and the tickets came straight to the email right after purchase and on the game day worked just like they should. The only minus in these so called second hand tickets is that they are usually way more expensive than the normal ones and everyone will probably understand why.


NB! Please note that for most stadiums, tickets must still be printed after you have bought them from online. Pdf can be easily downloaded, and the printing can be done, for example, at the hotel reception. Just a hint to avoid all the unwanted surprises at the stadium entrance. Real Madrid may be an exception with this, as they require an electronic (if purchased on their web site) ticket and the printed one is not valid. This is also told very clearly when buying the tickets, but it may be easy to bypass while you’re super excited about upcoming game 😉 .


Let’s buy some tickets,



Few clips from the games this season: Atletico vs. Borussia Dortmund (Champions League) and Atletico vs. Athletic Bilbao (La Liga):




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