What motivates me to exercise?

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Time for a readers’ choice! I get regularly questions about my exercise habits and what motivates me to move, so I tried to open my thoughts about everything related to this a little bit. And for starters; I’m just a normal person who exercises, far from a fitness fanatic. For me, exercising is a way of life, part of my and our lifestyle. In a nutshell I work out because I like the feeling, what comes afterwards.

At the moment, I go to gym or a pilates class, do a quick home workout or go for a run to nearest park 4-5 times per week. One workout takes about 30-90 minutes and I haven’t made any particular schedule to follow. One might say that, I don’t do any goal-oriented training right now, but this works for me at this point of life.


I only do stuff I like. At the moment my favorites are gym workouts (preferably alone!), 60-minute runs and participating small Pilates Reformer classes. For example, I don’t like running races, so I don’t participate them, so I have no reason to run for hours practising, if I don’t feel like it. Workout should be something that I really enjoy, not a punishment. If I don’t feel like running someday, I go for a walk instead. In my opinion you’ll never stick with activities you find boring or you even start hating them, and fortunately there are so many different ways to move. Try new things until you find your true (exercise) love!



Loading batteries. For me workout time is me time, when I don’t have be on the alert and I can concentrate just on me. Of course, there are days I might not have wanted to go to the gym at first hand, but I always feel a lot better afterwards. I’m more patient at home and full of energy. That’s the main reason why I love morning workouts.

Food makes me move. Quite simply, I like to eat, so working out gives me the much-needed balance. I don’t want to restrict my eating habits and I can eat whatever I want, if I just keep the balance. It is as simple as that!



My whole body works better. Even a quick home workout affects effectively on the metabolism and my muscles and joint feels so much better when I exercise regularly. Age doesn’t come alone! And I’d be lying if I don’t mention aesthetic benefits. Of course, I want to feel and look better, who doesn’t!


So, enough about me! What makes you move? What motivates you? Please leave a comment!


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