True friends don’t disappear when you move abroad

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You asked, so I answered! What have happened to my friendships after we moved to Spain? Am I still in contact with my Finnish friends and have I made new ones here in Madrid? Apparently, I’ve been really lucky as all my oldest and dearest friends are still really close to me.

So many people told me when we moved abroad, that all the old friends are going to disappear one by one over the years. And partly this is true as I don’t keep in touch with that many people living in Finland any more as I did during the first year after moving. But at the same time, I have the feeling that I have all the closest ones right next to me although the distance is actually quite long. I can always send a message or have a WhatsApp- call whenever I want, and I’m updated with the latest news. Also many of my and our friends have visited us during these years, and it has been so nice to show them around here.


The fact is also that quite many of our friends have also moved abroad, for a while or permanently, so many of them are or have been in a same situation. And when you think it from this point of view, moving abroad is no longer strange or different, it’s just a way to live your life. When you don’t live anymore in a city or country where you’ve lived your whole life, it may feel hard to be up dated to the latest news and you will participate less frequently casual hangouts with friends or random events, but that can also happen without moving abroad. We all go through transitions, life changes, domestic moves and job changes for example, and those all may mean that friends come and go. That’s called life!

And yes, I’ve also made new friends here, since the day one we moved. Not that many, but they all are even more important. I would never have believed that I would meet someone at the airport and that after almost five years we see each other often, and our sons are really good friends. There are also a lot of Finns here in Madrid and there is a meeting every month, so you can hang around with Finns if you wish for.



Many of you probably noticed on Instagram that I was in Finland with Luca last week. That week was full of celebration and friends were really a big part of that week. Like always when we are in Finland. They always make time for me, hang out with me and are genuinely interested to hear what’s going on in our life. True friends don’t disappear even if you move abroad!


❤️: Sanna


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