Our travel plans for 2018

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Everyone needs something to daydream of, right? Last year was pretty amazing and we saw many beautiful places and made new wonderful memories. And this year 2018 will not be nothing less, as we already have made big plans!



Within a few weeks we’ll make an Easter trip to Almeria and we already have bought tickets to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (I’ve never been there before!) later in this year, and of course we are going to visit friends and family in Finland too. Maybe some weekend trips in Spain also, but those are so easy to arrange, that they will be extempore trips. But the one that I’m super excited about is going to happen on December…



We are going to Australia for the next Christmas! Yay, I’m super, super thrilled about it as my best friend lives there and I haven’t seen her or her family for years. We’ll fly to Perth where they live, and I’ll get to spend quality time with her for a couple of weeks. And the turn of the year we’ll be on Bali, can’t wait!



Last time we were in Perth December 2012- January 2013, and that’s where all of these photos are taken from. During our stay in Australia, we made small trips for example to Melbourne, Rottnest island (which was by the way so unreal and beautiful place!), and Denmark, and had so much fun that I can’t wait to hop on the plane again. This time as a little family <3


Did I already mention that I’m super excited! What kind of travel plans you have for this year?


?: Sanna



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