Top 5 recipes of the year 2019 so far

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At the turn of the year, I asked you what you would like to see more on the blog in 2019 and the two subjects got the most votes: Our life in Spain and recipes. Since that, I have tried my best to share these with you and based on the feedback, you’ve been really satisfied. So thank you for every one of you who have visited my blog, means a lot to me  <3.

The blog will be on a vacation until August, but before that I want to share with you the Top 5 most popular recipes of this year so far. Most popular ones based on the statistics 😉 . All of them seem to be easy and delicious family favorites, included one all-time favorite, which has been your favorite already for years.

Protein Berry Pie:

Your all-time favorite! A quark pie is an old classic, but unfortunately, it’s far from healthy, despite of the protein packed quark. This recipe instead is healthy, delicious and full of proteins. It doesn’t contain oils or white sugar, and you can prepare it gluten-free, if necessary!


Whipped berry chia porridge:

Traditional Finnish whipped porridge is a sweet, wheat semolina dessert porridge made with berries, and this upgraded version of it is a lot healthier and more nutrient dense. Basically, it’s blended chia pudding, but in case you aren’t familiar with this concept, I’m wanted to share this treat with you!


Soft & Chewy Vegan Caramels:

If I told you that I have an easy, creamy, thick and dreamy vegan caramel recipe for you, would you be as excited as I am? Yes, it’s healthier than its original version, made of all-natural ingredients, and it’s also gluten and dairy free. And just to mention: it’s also corn syrup free! I wanted to create a recipe that didn’t include that syrup, partly because I wanted to prove that I could do it (I wasn’t completely sure that I could even do vegan caramels that stick together AND taste divine), but also because I know that many of my readers doesn’t want to use it. So, make it, taste it and fall in love with it!


Quick and easy mug bread:

This is a real quick and easy bread recipe! No need for waiting as this bread bun will be ready in just a few minutes. Just mix all the ingredients, bake in microwave and you’ll have a fresh bun in your hands. Which is by the way gluten-free, milk-free, sugar-free and yeast-free and also suitable for low-carb diet when using almond flour!


Healthy Mango Lassi:

Mango lassi has to be my favorite drink at Indian restaurants, but it is super easy to make at home too! The best end result you’ll get by using fresh mangoes (as ripe as possible), but frozen cubes are also a great option. Usually, lassi is made at the restaurants by using full fat yogurt and whole milk + sugar more than needed, but this version of it actually makes good for you and nourishes.


Wishing you all a wonderful summer,


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