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This challenge has been going on already for a while, but finally I had time to write down my answers. It’s always nice when someone challenges you to do these and I thought it would be quite a fun and interesting to do for you guys. So, the challenge is all about choosing from two options and there’s no need to explain your answers. But I did it anyway as I can’t answer with only one word. It’s absolutely impossible šŸ˜‰ .


Shower in the morning or evening? I’ve always hated morning shower, except if it happens after your workout. But straight from the bed to the shower is just the worst option, so my answer is in the evening.

City center or being close to nature? Does being close to nature mean nice greenery around you or living on countryside? I’m a dyed-in-the-wool city girl, but it’s super nice that we have a huge green park right in front of our home. I wouldn’t want to live in city center, but still close enough to all services and nice cafes. Of these two, I would probably choose that city center.

Bright or neutral colors? Tough choice as it varies according to the mood. Most of my sport clothes are super colorfull, but most often I wear something that is considered at least even a little neutral colored. In home decor I definitely prefer neutral colors.

Strange or stupid? Strange, I guess? Stupidity is just nonsense and useless, oddness or strangeness rarely causes any annoyance or trouble.

Spring or Autumn? Definitely spring, it’s a sign of the upcoming summer!



Mint or cinnamon? I like both, but at the moment the cinnamon wins the race. On the other hand, mint is always a wonderfully fresh alternative, and for example, a cinnamon-flavored chewing gum tastes really awful.

Planned or ex tempore? Planned. I like to have important things in calendar, it’s nice to plan holidays well in advance and it’s easier to handle everyday life when there is even some kind of plans. The whole different story is that how well those plans come true, it is always good to prepare for ex tempore changes.

Cinema or movie at home?
I don’t even remember when I was last in a movie theatre, so the answer is at home. It’s much easier to do this when you have a kid. I don’t usually stay awake until the end of the movie, so it’s better to snore on the couch at home than in cinema.

Espresso or latte? Latte definitely. The bigger the coffee the better!

Talking or Listening? I’ve been always more talker, also on behalf of my work, but to ask questions you must also be capable of two-way discussion and step into a listener role. Maybe I am, however, a bit more a talker.

Hugs or kisses? In a Spanish way both and preferably as often as possible.

Hot or mild food? Mild, because it doesn’t make sense to eat so hot or spicy food that you don’t even taste anything. There must be flavor and spices in the food, but if it makes you sweat, it’s beyond my understanding.

Leather or lace? Lace. I love all the beautiful lace clothes and they bring a much-needed variation in my everyday wardrobe, i.e. sportswear and jeans & shirt combinations, which I do wear way too often.

Overdressed or underdressed? In everyday life, I’m probably (too) often underdressed, but when it’s time to party and celebrate, more is more.

Experience or comfort? I do seek after comfort, but the new experiences are always welcome. I should be more often curious and not to think too much instead of settling for the familiar and safe.



TV shows or movies? TV shows, because usually I stay awake for that one hour, which they last.

Rock or country music? Of these two options, definitely rock.

Red or white wine? I prefer to drink my wine with bubbles, but from these two options I choose red. Iā€™m not particularly a wine lover, but red wine is perfect for sangria and tinto de verano.

Working alone or together? Both. I’m usually the most effective worker alone, but different kind of projects, etc. are much nicer to do together with someone or others. Back in Finland, I used to work in a team or with work pair.

Swimming or lying on the beach? Absolutely lying on the beach, but with our junior it’s usually not that easy. There’s really nothing wrong with swimming, but I do hate cold water.

Fast food or a good restaurant? A good restaurant, no doubt. Eating out is always a welcomed thing, but fast-food restaurants are less likely to offer any great experiences.

Potato or pasta salad? Actually, well-made potato salad is really good, but I do it very rarely myself. So, pasta salad, just because I do it even occasionally.

Paired socks or mix match? Paired for me, preferably black or white ones. I wouldn’t even think about wearing mix matched socks, I rarely wear colorful or patterned socks. Lame, I know!

Dancing or singing? I’m not really good at either, but I’d say dancing because it’s just so much fun.

Phone or web? Web, because nowadays everything is actually happening online, and I also make most of my calls from Spain via WhatsApp or Messenger.


So that was it! Let me know in the comments if you thought any of my chosen preferences surprised you or if you also took part of this challenge. It’s always so nice to read other’s answers!


Ps. Please summer hurry up!


ā¤ļø: Sanna



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