Strawberries & Cream Dream feat. Ambronite

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For a while ago I got to try this new Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake and you know what? I’m in love, it tastes like vanilla pudding <3. So, for real, it’s like a dessert, but made of only real foods, that your body can easily digest. Shortly explained Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake delivers a real food meal that is gentle on the stomach and provides you with 20 grams of protein, plenty of fiber and food-based vitamins and minerals. And what’s even better, no GMOs, dairy, soy, artificial additives or other nonsense that turn your tummy upside down.

So, I’m quite sure that this new Balance Meal Shake is going to be a big hit among the Ambronite lovers (vanilla isn’t going to be the only flavor!) as it tastes so delicious and offers you a quick and balanced meal already as on its own. But if you want to take it to the next level and make a little treat to yourself, you should blend the Meal Shake powder with some frozen strawberries or other berries and plant-based milk. It tastes like ice cream!

Ingredients for one serving:

200 g frozen strawberries (you can always use fresh ones of course, just add a handful of ice cubes)

1 scoop of Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake, flavor Vanilla

2-3 dl plant-based milk of your choice


  • Put half of the milk of your choice, frozen strawberries and Ambronite powder into a blender and let it run until smooth.
  • Add more milk if needed/ until the texture suits to your taste. I like to eat mine with spoon just like an ice cream but making it runnier/ drinkable is also a great idea; like a milkshake.
  • If desired, top with nut butter, chopped nuts, (raw) chocolate chips, extra berries, and enjoy immediately.

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