How to stay energetic the whole work day

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We all have been there; The morning at work goes fast and efficient, but before it’s 2pm, we’re ready to hop into bed. Another cup of coffee and candy bar might be the most common quick fix, but definitely not the best option. If you think, that it’s hard to stay energized throughout the whole work day, you should check these tips I gathered for you!





Don’t skip breakfast.
A healthy and well balanced breakfast helps your body to wake up in the morning and gives it the energy it needs to work effective. If you have just a bread roll with jam and coffee, you’ll get a quick energy from the carbs (and empty calories!) and will end up feeling tired before it’s time for lunch.

Instead, go for a combo of unrefined carbs (like oats, whole wheat bread), low fat protein (like eggs in some form, dairy products, protein packed smoothies) and healthy fat (like avocado, nuts, seeds, etc., which take longer to digest, giving you more staying power).

Drink Water. If you already haven’t noticed, dehydration is a cause of fatigue. To perk up, drink some cold water and forget all of those caffeine (and sugar!) loaded energy drinks. Have always a water bottle on your desk, and just keep sipping!

Eat a lighter lunch. Having a big lunch may be the reason for your midday fatigue, because your body will need so much energy to handle all the food you ate, that there’s not enough energy to work efficiently. Choose something with more protein and less carbs to avoid drowsiness, like a salad or veggies with grilled chicken or fish.

Take a Break. Take five minutes to do something besides work in order to give your body and mind a break. Go to the toilet, go and get a cup of coffee, call a friend, or scroll through Instagram before getting back to the grind. Your brain needs a small rest at regular intervals so that they are able to work as efficiently as possible.





Have a Snack. It’s important to nourish the body evenly throughout the day, so that the energy levels don’t drop dramatically before the workday is over. Try a handful of nuts with some fruit, low-sugary smoothie, veggies sticks with hummus, protein bar or yogurt with berries to keep alert. Avoid all the industrial foodstuff, chips and candy bars, processed and sugary snacks will only lead to a crash not long after consumption.

Get moving in the middle of your work day. When that mid-afternoon tiredness hits you, have a quick walk or sneak to the gym instead of reaching for those cookies and old, stale coffee, which has been waiting for far too long in a coffee pot. Studies have shown that taking a 20-minute walk boosts energy and working out can actually increase productivity enough to counteract that time away from the workplace.

Stretch it out. Sitting for too long makes you feel sluggish, and it’s harder to get done what you should. Stretching out a little can provide a quick boost of energy, when there’s no possibility to have a quick workout during the work day.

Get Enough Sleep. This may be a no-brainer, but getting enough sleep is vital to staying energized throughout the work day. Studies have shown, that people who sleep well, are more innovative and produce higher quality work because they are less stressed, more focused and generally healthier.

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