Start Eating If You Want To Lose Weight!

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If you ask any Joe or Jane on the street about the best way to lose weight, their answer is probably going to be something like: “Eat less, move more”, right? The basic idea is good indeed, but it doesn’t carry you up to the end. Contrary to the common assumptions, losing weight isn’t about skipping meals. Actually it is the opposite, and I’m going to explain why!

When people start an unrealistic diet plan, they will quite fast notice that such diets will only lead to a constantly harassing hunger and craving for forbidden foods. The only problem of dieting like this isn’t the fact that you’re going to lose your mind, and before you even notice it, you’ve returned back to old habits. The worst part is, that when you eat less energy than your body needs, the body adapts by holding onto fat stores and begins using the muscle to provide the energy. The loss of muscle mass slows down your metabolism (the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn at rest!), and all that stress due to starvation, can cause a rise in cortisol levels, which increases the storage of visceral fat cells in areas like your stomach. Certainly not what you want!





 Here are some basic rules for you, how to eat wisely without feeling hungry and still lose weight:


 Have a breakfast, lunch, at least two snacks and dinner. Start with a big breakfast, a little bit lighter lunch and end with dinner, which should be the smallest of your meals. All main meals should contain protein, carbs and healthy fats. Snacks, in turn, should be small, protein and fiber-rich, like smoothies, yogurt with berries, some fruit with a handful of nuts, carrot sticks with hummus, etc.

Volume is the key. This is certainly obvious, but your stomach is not a calorie counter, which means that it fills up by the volume, not by the calories. Foods containing high amounts of calories without a lot of volume (like chocolate, oils, chips), won’t fill you up in the same way, like for example a big nutrient dense and fiber-rich chicken salad would do, but they will definitely pump you up with calories. So cheat your stomach and eat a lot of low-calorie but high-volume foods.

Lean towards foods high in water. Fruits, vegetables and soups for example, are naturally low in calories because of their fluid content (they are 80%-95% water). Like high-volume foods they will satiate your hunger faster, than foods low in water (like pasta and dessert puddings).






 Replace high-calorie foods. Swapping certain foods for others helps you to maintain food volume and reduce calories. For example, one serving of basmati rice contains about 190kcal, while same amount of cauliflower rice gives you only 25kcal. Try swapping for example sour cream to Greek yogurt, mashed potato to mashed butternut pumpkin or white sugar to stevia or agave syrup.

Don’t go crazy. Cutting out all the treats and sweets of your diet will only eventually make you fall off the wagon, and feel crappy. If you really want to have your favorite treat, plan it and have it! Eat something healthy and high-volume, before indulging, and have only a small fraction of the amount which you would have eaten before.


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