Spring came early to Madrid

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Do you know that feeling, when sun starts to feel warm on your skin after winter? The BEST feeling ever! Apparently, all of those wishes for warmer weather that were sent up in December and January (I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one swearing cold weather!) have been answered, as spring came to Madrid super early this year. I’m not a winter person at all, that’s no secret, so I couldn’t be any happier. I love sunny weather, trees blooming, people being happy and lighter clothes.



And what’s the weather like? In February day temperatures rose up even to + 20 CĀ°, even though the night temperatures were only a few degrees. It was raining only for a while maybe one day or two, which is really exceptional, because February is usually still one of the winter months (winter in Madrid is normally cold and rainy weather with some warmer days). And now in March the same weather just continues: Temperatures have already risen over twenty during the day!



And how have we enjoyed the arrival of spring? Well, we have spent time outside a lot more than usual, because it’s just so wonderful that you don’t have to wear winter clothes anymore (+ no more fights about wearing hat, all parents can relate for sure!) and nature is just so beautiful with all bright green colors and trees blooming. Our son also learned how to cycle without training wheels, so that has been our after-school activity. And on those days when we haven’t gone to the park, we have spent time on our own terrace while having barbecue nights and making soap bubbles. How great is it that you can hang out on a terrace in t-shirt on March enjoying the sun? Absolutely loving it!


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