Restaurant Vinkkeli: When you want to eat well in Helsinki

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During our last visit in Finland we had a chance to celebrate our wedding anniversary and of course we wanted to go some nice and cosy place. Booking a restaurant for a Saturday night in Helsinki was not as easy as I had imagined, because actually all the restaurants I had on my mind closed on Saturdays before dinner, if they even were open during the summer weekends. However, Restaurant Vinkkeli popped out on Google and after a quick check I decided to book a table from there. And luckily, I booked, because that restaurant experience was outstanding.

Restaurant Vinkkeli is located in Helsinki in the heart of the Kaartinkaupunki neighbourhood, at the corner of Korkeavuorenkatu and Pieni Roobertinkinkatu. The size of the restaurant was very nice, not too big to keep the atmosphere warm and cosy throughout the dinner, but still so spacious and airy that we were able to eat in seclusion and without the feeling that we should have had conversation with the costumers sitting at the table next to us. Afterwards, I also noticed that there was a bookable cabinet downstairs that could fit up to 16 more hungry people. The staff was very nice and friendly and everyone who served us during those hours seemed to be very professional. For me, the atmosphere at the restaurant is very important what comes to the final restaurant experience and at Vinkkeli this worked really well.

For dinner, we made the easy choice and had their four-course dinner menu, which was an excellent choice. We got in front of us fresh ingredients, maybe slightly surprising combinations of flavors and delicious portions one after another. And as we are real cheese lovers, we decided to take a cheese platter as extra before dessert, which also fulfilled all its promises. I’ve tried very hard to come up with something I would have hoped to be or go differently, but no, everything went perfectly.

And before anyone of you even have a chance to ask, no, this was not a paid advertisement or implemented in collaboration with any third party.  I just wanted to share this restaurant with you just in case someone is looking for a nice restaurant in the heart of Helsinki. After the summer, Vinkkeli also seems to serve lunch, which is definitely a viable option in the daytime.

❤️: Sanna

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