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Homemade puffed or popped quinoa has to be my favorite breakfast bowl topping at the moment! So simple to make and it gives nice, crispy texture for smoothie and yogurt bowls. By making your own puffed quinoa, you won’t get the huge puffy kernels you see in commercial cereal, which are created in a vacuum, but puffing gives quinoa a different texture and delicious flavor. Puffed quinoa only becomes slightly larger but popping gives it a lighter texture and crisp surface, as well as a nuttier flavor.

I browsed through quite many puffed quinoa/ other grain recipes and most of them required some kind of oil for puffing. But the fact is that you don’t need any oil for your popped quinoa; small seeds and grains can be dry-popped. In fact, they store better, with less clumping, when popped in a dry pan 😉 .

And how to use these nutty tasting teeny-tiny grains? Puffed quinoa is great as a salad topper instead of croutons, stirred into your breakfast bowl, sprinkled over roasted vegetables or veg, or added to granola after it’s been baked. They can also be added to baked goods and breads to increase their fiber and protein content or used as the main ingredient in energy or protein bars. So basically, they add nutrients, texture and nice crunch to pretty much anything!



2 dl uncooked quinoa (or more if you want to make a bigger batch)


• Rinse uncooked quinoa thoroughly in a fine-mesh sieve under cold water for approximately 2 minutes, then drain it well.
• Spread quinoa evenly onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and let it dry overnight in a room temperature or in a barely-warm oven for 30-60 minutes (depends on how big batch you are making). In either case, stir it regularly to ensure even drying.
• Transfer dried quinoa in small batches into a pot or pan set on medium heat. Because they are so small, they don’t take long to heat up and should begin popping almost immediately after you add them to the pan.
• Stir all the time to avoid sticking or burning them.
• Puffed quinoa is ready when the crackling sound slows, similar to popcorn (Quinoa doesn’t pop with the explosive enthusiasm of corn, but you can still here it). Turn it out onto a sheet pan to cool.
• Repeat as many times as needed.

Store puffed quinoa in a ziploc bag or airtight container in your pantry for future use.


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