Persimmon salad with pomegranate

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I love persimmons, who doesn’t! They are perfect match with my morning oats, yummy snack and go well with both warm and cold dishes. Let alone all the wintry desserts!

This salad is super easy and fast to make, sweet and fruity and beautifully colorful during this dark and grey season. It goes really well with all the white meats and mild flavored fishes, why not also with a cheese platter. It’s also a great festive side dish, so I highly suggest you make it to your next pre-Christmas party or part of your Christmas dinner!

If you don’t like or can’t find pistachios, pecan nuts will work perfectly as well. Also, use whatever salad greens you like or are available, all of them pair well for sure with persimmons and pomegranate!



Ingredients (side salad for 4 persons):
2 large (or 3 smaller) persimmons/ kakis, ripe but firm
200g salad greens (I used arugula, baby spinach leaves and corn salad), washed and torn into large pieces
1 (200g) ball of burrata or fresh mozzarella or mini mozzarella balls
arils/ seeds of 1 pomegranate
1 dl pistachios shelled and chopped in smaller pieces + ½ – 1 tsp salt (if they are already salted, don’t add anything!)


• If your pistachios are already salted, you can skip this step, but if they aren’t, start with toasting them:
In a medium-sized skillet, toast pistachios over a medium-low heat, shaking the pan regularly until the nuts are golden and fragrant. This takes max a few minutes. Add salt, mix carefully and let cool completely. Chop in smaller pieces.
• Lay salad greens on a large platter/ salad bowl.
• Top greens with the sliced persimmons, pomegranate arils and mozzarella/ burrata (rip mozzarella/ burrata in smaller pieces or use mini versions.)
• Finally, toss crushed pistachios over the salad.

Serve with balsamic vinaigrette or lemon flavored vinegar/ oil.


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