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On this page you find a list of companies I have teamed up with. If you have some interesting co-operation / business idea get in touch and let’s start exploring the options!

Currently attracts over 30.000 monthly visitors and the number is increasing steadily! The large and steadily growing number of visitors creates excellent opportunities for successful collaboration!

From the list below you find the companies I’m currently doing co-operation with.


Ambronite is the delicious real food Drinkable Supermeal™ that covers all your nutritional needs in 2 minutes.

Try Ambronite now! With code “lavidafresca” you’ll get extra 10% off. Get to the store from here or click the button on the image above. Remember to add the discount code before paying / checking out!

Movimiento Consciente

Try Pilates Reformer Workout at Movimiento Consciente yoga and pilates studio in Majadahonda. Get 20% off from the prices mentioning “La Vida Fresca” there at the studio! Also first lesson is always free! They do speak Spanish and English.