One night in Segovia

I love our family vacations and to travel with our little one, but we all know that finding wellness in a relationship involves carving out time to spend as a couple, with our spouses. While my mother in law was visiting us in last October, we decided to break up the daily routines and did a little getaway trip to Segovia with my husband.

I really didn’t have any expectations for Segovia, but when we arrived there and I saw The Aqueduct of Segovia, I was like wow!

It’s only an hour drive by car from Madrid, so it’s easy to leave only for a one night. And when traveling without a child, packing was done quickly!





I really didn’t have any expectations for Segovia, but when we arrived there and I saw The Aqueduct of Segovia, I was like wow! The Aqueduct is the foremost symbol of Segovia and I don’t wonder why. And all the people who took pictures of themselves in front of this engineering gem, were thinking the same, I think!




Our hotel, Exe Casa de Los Linajes, was situated in a good location in the Old Town of Segovia, right near the Plaza Mayor and the Promenade. We put the car at the hotel garage, left our bags in the hotel room and went to see what this place really was.

Actually in Segovia everything is a stone’s throw away from each other, so we didn’t need a car at all. Segovia reminds me a lot of Toledo, but here it was much better opportunities for shopping. I mean, there was no designer stores or the largest fashion stores, but however dozens of shops one after another. And all the shops of delicatessen looked really delicious and inviting! Although my husband informed immediately, that we are not here for shopping this time. Well dear, let’s then eat something!



In Segovia streets were full of small charming cafes as well as a tasty-looking restaurants. We didn’t found any interesting restaurant recommendations from internet, so we decided to try several places. In my opinion it was really relaxing to eat one small tapas here and other one there. Enjoy one beverage on the terrace while watching the street life and and share an ice cream portion while the tourists taking photographs of themselves in front of historical monuments. Just enjoy the place where time seems to pass more slowly…



Speaking of historical monumets, Segovia is definitely your place if you are interested in history and architecture. I don’t understand anything about them, but even I understood that Segovia comprises an array of monuments, which in terms of beauty and exemplary historical significance, are truly outstanding. The Aqueduct, the Alcázar, the Cathedral, Casa de los Picos and even just ordinary walls of houses were really impressive-looking. And all those tourists staring and photographing them (there were a lot of guided tourist groups! ), made them look even more impressive!




Our one night in Segovia was exactly why we went to there: good company, good food (which by the way you could eat warm and using your both hands! ), relaxation and sleeping without any interruptions, and in the morning the opportunity to eat breakfast without preparing it. If you don’t have any major plans when you arrive to Segovia, I highly recommend that you only enjoy your stay and company strolling in the streets of Segovia. Let Segovia entertain you!

We stayed in this beautiful just renovated hotel: Location was perfect, staff super nice and buffet breakfast met our standards. 🙂 If you are looking good value for your money, I would highly suggest this hotel for you while staying in Segovia.

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