Nerja Beach Guide

When we decided to move to Nerja, I told you that Nerja offers endless beaches (To be more precise, 16 kilometers a total of them!) with clear water and beautiful views. I have always loved the sea, and to live by the sea. How wonderful it is to run in the morning at the beach while sun is rising and spend the weekends playing in the sand with your family.


If you ever visit Nerja and are a beach lover, but don’t want to waste your holiday on laying on the wrong beach (Never settle for the first beach directly in front of your hotel, if you want to experience more than those overpriced services…), I’m here to help you! In this post I’m going to share all the information you need to know about the best beaches in Nerja, their locations, where to park, where to eat and much more. So grab your swimsuit and towel, and enjoy the beaches in Nerja. And don’t forget the sun cream!


Playa Burriana – Beach Burriana




Let’s start with the most well known beach in Nerja – Playa Burriana aka. Beach Burriana. I’m sure all my Instagram followers recognize this beach really well 😉 . It’s located about 700m from the Balcón de Europa (Center of Nerja) to the east and accessible by foot, car or bus. If you are coming by car you can park your car right in front of the beach and it’s totally free. Although during the high season you need to be there really early to get a good spot. Alternatively, you can park a little bit further or to the new parking garage which has just been built. There you find plenty of space but unfortunately you need to pay for it.

At Playa Burriana you have everything you could possibly need and you can easily spend the whole day there. It has a lot of nice restaurants (this one is by far my favorite).


burriana beach

burriana beach1

playa burriana

burriana beach 2

playa burriana 1

burriana beach 3

burriana beach 5


Playa de La Torrecilla – Torrecilla beach


playa de la torrecilla


Torrecilla is also one of Nerja’s most popular beaches. Bars, restaurants and every service you could hope for at your fingertips. Only negative thing is that when something is popular, it means it can also be quite crowded. But fun, a little bit smaller than Burriana, beach definitely and if you are in Nerja, you don’t want to miss this one.

To Playa Torrecilla you can come easily by foot if you are staying close to the center. Also coming by car is not a problem and finding parking place shouldn’t be that hard. Normally if we come by car we park close to Perla Marina hotel (streets Calle Mérida & Avenida Mediterraneo) and just walk couple of hundred meters from there.

You find lot of nice restaurants and cafeterias nearby as this beach is located so close to the center. If you fancy traditional Spanish food, you should try Restaurante Playa Torrecilla, that offers you good value for your money, cozy seating area and lovely atmosphere.



torrecilla beach


torrecilla beach 2

beach day


Playa El Chucho – El Chucho beach




El Chucho beach is situated right next to Hotel Perla Marina, and It’s a stone’s throw away from Playa de la Torrecilla. We like this little beach because it tends to be quite relaxed and quiet. It doesn’t offer that good services but at the bar / terrace at Perla Marina Hotel you can enjoy a cup of coffee or drink in the middle of the beach day. And there are at least two ice cream stands, that will make my day 😉 .

You’ll find here easily by foot if you are staying close to the center. Also coming by car is not a problem and finding parking place shouldn’t be that hard if you just come early enough.


cucho beach

playa el cucho

cucho beach

playa cucho


Playa de Calahonda – Calahonda beach




This is also one of the most well known beaches in Nerja and you can also see this beach in many home photo albums from Nerja. Lots of people find this beach while they are on Balcón de Europa and enjoying the breathtaking views. Playa de Calahonda is located basically just below it and it can’t be missed if standing on the Balcón de Europa and or having breakfast at Anahi, that sure is one of my favorites here.


Playa de Calahonda is situated basically in the center of Nerja and usually people come to this beach by foot when staying at some of the hotels near by. If you are coming by car, you can not get close because it’s forbidden and I suggest you park your car further away or use the public parking garage at Plaza de España.


There are no public toilets on this beach, or actually not any services, as the only restaurant on the beach has closed its doors. But no worries! If you get hungry while sunbathing, you can just walk the stairs up from the beach and you find dozens of great restaurants, bars and cafes. And don’t miss one of the best ice cream bars in Nerja, it’s directly above the stairs!


playa calahonda

calahonda beach


Playa El Salón – El Salon beach


el salon


A small beach that is popular among Spanish families and it’s actually nicely hidden even though it’s located maybe 200m from Balcón de Europa. This beach is definitely for you if you don’t need the services right next to you and want to avoid most of the tourists.

Same as with the Playa Calahonda, coming by foot is recommended. And if you are coming by car, park it further or use the garage at Plaza de España, and buy some fresh fruits and a lot of water on your way to this beautiful beach. At the beach you don’t find any options to buy snacks or have a lunch but you are really close to the center so just get off the beach and enjoy some amazing restaurants just around the corner.


playa el salon

salon beach



salon beach 3


So here you have five of our favorite beaches here in Nerja. The fact is that the entire coast is full of beautiful and charming little beaches, and you may not even notice when one ends and the other one begins. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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