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Many of you have asked about what I eat on daily basis and do I follow on some specific diet? Do I use dairy products and what I think about different fat sources? First of all, when it comes to nutrition, my philosophy is pretty simple: I try to eat healthily most of the time. I really, truly, deeply love eating and when I eat everything in moderation, the result will be healthy body and happy mind.

There was a phase when I chose so called “healthy” products with a lot of artificial sweeteners and additives (low fat, low carb, low sugar etc.), but nowadays I prefer real, pure food. Foods that doesn’t require labels or if they do, ingredients are recognizable. Foods that leave me feeling good afterwards. And that’s also the reason why I don’t use meal replacements excluding Ambronite (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should check this post.) I would rather have a small amount of real food than a large amount of fake food, that probably makes my stomach hurt at some point. And this is also what I want to offer to my family too.



This is how we eat:

A lot of plant-based foods. We all eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts on a daily basis. Mainly fresh and locally produced foods, instead of heavily processed and convenience foods. So, we aren’t vegetarians, but I prefer plant-based foods whenever possible. I believe that this way we get enough nutrients from the food to keep us healthy during the flu-season.

About grains. I do limit refined grains when making food or baking at home and don’t even buy wheat home (only whole grain wheat), but we won’t say no to bakery cakes and muffins or birthday cakes at friend’s place. We also eat pasta quite often (kid’s favorite, you know), but mostly red lentil and buckwheat pasta. Also, quinoa and whole wheat couscous are our menu often.

At home I usually use barley, oat or rye flour while baking and a lot of different kind of oat flakes and brans. I know that my body will protest (I don’t like headaches, puffiness, tiredness and sweating…), if a eat a lot of baked goods made of refined grains, but sometimes my mind needs it 😉 . The balance is the key you know! I just have to know my own limits and balance my other meals, so the damage isn’t that bad.



About dairy products. We do use dairy products on daily basis, as we all eat yogurt, cheese, quark, ice cream, coffee with milk, etc. made of cow’s milk. But we also use a lot of plant-based products, perhaps about half of the foods we eat. We haven’t had any real reason to cut milk out of our lives, so this is how we continue. But for example, if some of us has flu, I minimize all the dairy products, because it might faster the recovery.

About sugar. I use very rarely white sugar at home, but we do eat candies and store-bought chocolate every now and then. Or at least my boys does, I’m not that much into candies 😉 . And like I already told, we eat everything when outside of the house and visiting friends. Life shouldn’t be that difficult 😉 .

When baking I prefer coconut sugar, honey, agave syrup, mashed banana or Medjool dates. I don’t like to use artificial sweeteners that much because they don’t go well with my stomach, but if I do, I use erythritol. It’s natural, doesn’t cause side effects and tastes almost exactly like sugar without the calories. Works perfectly for me, if I want to save some calories or bake something low-carb.



About meat. We do eat all kind of meat, chicken and fish, but I prefer fish and seafood and make often chicken because of my boys. I rarely use processed meat products as they include often so much crap. Real food always trumps fake food, but a good homemade hamburger once in a while won’t kill you 😉 .

About fat sources. I don’t believe that any of us should use only one, specific oil, butter, etc. so vary use of them. We use mainly olive, coconut or avocado oil, but also butter and coconut manna depending on what we are making. Sometimes also flaxseed and sesame oil. We also eat a lot of nuts (varying them too!), avocado and fatty fishes. So, as you can see, fats aren’t our enemies and we all need some fats in our diet!

So basically, my food philosophy is based on balance. Food is one of my passions and I eat it not only to get energy, but also because it tastes good. I eat everything in a moderation as long as it leaves me feeling good. Sometimes I get overdosed by sugar or refined grains and that’s totally fine! Next time I will for sure remember how I felt afterwards last time 😉


If you still have some questions about my food philosophy, please leave a comment!


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