Healthy lifestyle: What does it mean to me?

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“I noticed that you had a glass of cava last weekend and your son ate Nutella croissant. How can you promote healthy lifestyle, if your Instagram feed doesn’t support that kind of life?” Yep, only one example of all of the feedback I received during the week, but I get a lot of these same kind of questions from week to week. And the answer is easily! Let me explain how and why.

‘A healthy lifestyle looks different on everybody’. I absolutely love that quote. My understanding of a healthy life (style) doesn’t have to be equal to yours as we all live in different kind of situations. For example, think of twenty-years-old student vs. a mom of two kids vs. athlete at the top of his career. Or a business man who travels on behalf of his work half of the year! It would be absolutely impossible to put them all into a same kind of healthy lifestyle mold.

For me healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean strict diets and hard workouts at least five times per week. Nope! It’s more like eating food, that makes me feel good and energetic and workouts that fit the current life situation and mood. It’s sleeping and resting enough, taking my time both as a person and as a family from all of that hectic pace of everyday life. And if it requires croissant moment at the cafeteria with our son, we’ll have it!



When it comes to nutrition, my philosophy is pretty simple: I try to eat healthily most of the time. I really, truly, deeply love eating and when I eat everything in moderation, the result will be healthy body and happy mind. I also have quite sensitive tummy, so that’s why I have to think a bit more carefully about what I put in my mouth. And that said, I prefer real, pure food, foods that leave me feeling good afterwards. Healthy lifestyle doesn’t require expensive superfoods, but I really have nothing against them, and I will use them for sure if there is such a possibility. I would rather have a small amount of real food than a large amount of fake food (all really processed products full of artificial sweeteners and additives), that probably makes my stomach hurt at some point. And this is what I want to offer to my family too. And yet occasional treats at home, restaurants or parties aren’t excluded!

And about exercising: it’s more like a way of life, part of my and our lifestyle. I exercise because I like the feeling, that comes afterwards. Of course, it helps me to fit better in my clothes, but it also helps me to clear my mind and it’s so called me time/ my own time. Already even a quick home workout affects effectively on the metabolism and my muscles and joint feels so much better when I exercise regularly.

In a nut shell healthy life means for me balanced life: Some days it’s more like a state of mind than a physical condition and some days it means choosing stairs instead of lift. You can’t leave mental well-being outside of a healthy life or the end result isn’t that balanced. And if my mind desires ice cream today, I’ll eat it for sure and without any guilty feelings. AND will post it on Instagram if I feel like it! Healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be boring or restricted. It should look like you and feel good in you!


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