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I believe that good, nourishing food feeds both our body and soul. And that’s the main reason why I don’t want to ruin that wonderful feeling that good food choices give me by making worse food choices. Weekends tend to be for most of us “cheat days” and you’ll probably end up eating something, that doesn’t actually leave you feeling good. Which is every now and then totally okay, but not the state of mind nor condition that I want myself from week to week.

But what if I told you that you can have both; treat yourself during the weekend AND feel good on next week? Yes, with these few food swaps you can have your movie snacks, tame your sweet tooth and nourish your body at the same time!


If you like chips, try:


Popcorn: Chips tend to be higher in fat and calories than popcorn: You can eat 6 servings of popcorn for about the same number of calories as 1 serving of chips, and still the popcorn will be a lot more filling. Of course, the type of popcorn you choose does make a big difference in how healthy it is! Opt for air-popped popcorn and forget those high-fat and calorie versions sold in movie theatres.

Roasted chickpeas: Are you looking for a delicious, salty high fiber snack that is also filled with protein? Roasted chickpeas are the answer! So much healthier than traditional chips and also addictive delicious. Find my favorite recipe from here.

Veggie sticks: Cut up some vegetables to load up on fiber, fill your tummy and slow down your consumption. Low in calories, and just as crunchy; sliced bell peppers, cauliflower, cucumber, celery sticks, and sweet baby carrots are sure to do the trick with some dip.


If you love dips, salsas and sauces, try these:


(Homemade) tomato salsa: Tomato salsa is so much healthier than cream-based dips, especially when you make it yourself. No additives and preservatives, only genuine and nutritious ingredients. Try for example this recipe here.

Hummus: It’s super nutritious, fills your tummy quickly (so you can’t eat that much!) and also packed with plant-based protein. Goes perfectly with all veggie sticks for example!

Greek yogurt: Works perfectly as a natural low-calorie base for dressings and dips. It’s also a great alternative to sour cream, in addition to fact that it’s a creamy and delicious source of protein.



If ice cream is your thing, choose:


Banana ice cream a.k.a nice cream a.k.a nana cream: Instead of using all that heavy cream, dairy, sweeteners, and processed ingredients, why not use the natural creaminess of the bananas and whip them into rich and silky ice cream? Find out how to do it from here.

Frozen grapes: Maybe the easiest frozen treat ever! Just Freeze them, enjoy the sweetness of them and fall in love.

Frozen yogurt bark: You know frozen yogurt? Well these are even better than that and so easy to make at home. Find out how to do it from here.

Protein ice cream: If your tummy can handle artificial sweeteners, try protein ice creams. There are many brands available and most of them are low-calorie and high in protein, and the flavors are also pretty good.


If you have a serious (candy) sweet tooth:


Frozen grapes and banana coins: As mentioned above frozen grapes are super sweet but try also frozen banana coins. Just peel, cut, freeze and enjoy!

When fruits aren’t enough: While an occasional candy bar can be part of an otherwise healthy diet, eating candies regularly can negatively affect your health as they don’t provide anything beneficial nutritionally, but are mostly filled with sugar, empty calories and saturated fat. If naturally sweet berries or fruit don’t do the magic, try to find candies with as little additives and preservatives as possible. A good quality dark chocolate is always a better option than the most common chocolate bars, I prefer nowadays raw chocolate.

Protein bars: An option, if your tummy can handle highly refined ingredients. On average, more of the calories in protein bars come from protein, while this macronutrient is almost non-existent in candy bars. The overall nutrition value of candy and protein bars is very different and varies widely between brands. Always look at the nutrition facts label for more precise values as some protein bars are no better than a chocolate bar.



If you like dried fruits/ berries with nuts, opt for:


Fresh fruits and berries: Dried fruit and berries might seem a healthy option for a movie snack, but if you think that a little bit more, those yummy treats are real sugar bombs. Fruit doesn’t magically develop more sugar during the dehydrating process, but when it’s dehydrated, it loses its volume and you’re more likely to eat a lot more of those dried ones than fresh ones. And the end result is sugar high.

And about those nuts: Always choose natural, unsalted version as those salted peanuts are so faaaar away from healthy.


If weekend means pizza to you, try for example:


Tortilla pizza, Portobello pizza or cauliflower pizza: What’s not to love about cheesy, saucy and salty goodness, right? Delicious though it may be, most pizza is loaded with calories, salt and hard fat. But no worries as you can always lighten up the toppings and replace that empty calorie filled pizza crust with tortillas, Portobello mushrooms or make the crust from cauliflower. Way more nutritional ones than the average pizza dough, and the last two are also gluten free.


Have a delicious weekend,


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