Green Mojito Smoothie

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This Mojito Smoothie has become a big hit in this household, and I’ve made these almost every day. Its refreshing taste is perfect for warm summer days and thanks to Ambronite powder in it, this smoothie keeps the hunger at bay for hours. Ambronite is made of whole foods, and it’s vegan, non-GMO, minimally processed, free of dairy, soy, and artificial sweeteners. Sounds quite perfect, right! So basically, you make yourself a big favour while drinking this delicious green smoothie.

Ingredients for one big glass:
1 Granny Smith apple
a small piece of ginger (about 2cm in length)
juice of one lime
a large handful of mint leaves
1 scoop of Ambronite, flavor Ginger & Apple
2 dl of ice-cold water
(add some ice cube if you like)

• Remove the apple core and cut the apple in smaller pieces. Peel the ginger and squeeze lime.
• Place all the ingredients in the blender and let it run until smooth. If the texture is too thick to your taste, add a little water.
• Enjoy immediately.

❤️: Sanna

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