First month in Nerja

We have now lived in Nerja for one month, and as I promised, here’s a little update. If you don’t know the whole story why we moved her, you can check the related post from here.

About the moving. My husband spent a ton of time preparing everything so all the credits, applauses and praises goes to him. He searched and bought the place, organized the renovation and did all the purchases related to it. Moreover he made hundreds of phone calls and emails to make things happen the way he wanted and in time (which is not obvious, when you live in Spain), and of course queued in numerous offices. And at the end of the January when was time for our move, everything went more than well.






First few days our home was a bit of a disaster zone. But I guess that’s normal. Thanks to my husband’s parents, we had a possibility to unpack all the moving boxes in peace, as they took our son to their place for a couple of days. And for clarification, they were in Spain only on a holiday and to help us 🙂 . A minor setback was that we didn’t have any shelves in our wardrobes and it was a bit difficult to unpack all the clothes and stuff, but now the problem is fixed already.

The apartment that we bought and renovated, has been exactly the way we expected. It’s a lot smaller than our previous (rental) home was, but hey, at least you don’t keep any unnecessary stuff for no reason! The renovation was supposed to be ready before we moved in, but I guess there’s no such a thing than On-Time-Renovation 😉 . Even though my husband had been constantly pushing the contractor and keeping all the strings in his hands, there were a lot of small unfinished things, that now have been fixed during these first weeks. This was expected because last time my husband visited Nerja was two weeks before our move and still there were a lot of things to do. But there’s over 500km between Madrid and Nerja so you don’t drive that too many times just for fun or to check that everything is okay. But it was fine although I have to admit, that it hasn’t been fun to clean up all the mess every day after those repairmen left… but once again, thanks to my husband’s ability to take care of things and especially make those happen, we now have place that is perfect for us for this life’s situation and which we can call home.









One major thing that also has happened is that we found a new nursery for our son. Yay!!! Back in Madrid, he used to go English speaking one, and we already knew, when we moved here, that we are not going to find that kind of places here. But we found a very nice and warmhearted private nursery, which is Spanish. A bit challenging for me, but our son found his place there in a few days, and my husband speaks very good Spanish, so I can always rely on his help 😉 .









We also signed a contract at a new gym, that is just around the corner from our home. The gym was already familiar to us, due to our previous visits in Nerja, so workouts there have felt cozy right from the beginning. And about those outdoor activity opportunities here, ahh, I don’t even have words to describe how much I enjoy running by the sea <3.

All in all, life here has returned to a normal everyday life, and I can’t wait what the summer will bring along!






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