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As many of you already noticed on Instagram, I attended last week Valio’s launch event in Madrid. I shared a lot of photos and videos about that event and those caused a real avalanche of messages and questions, so I thought I’d share with you that morning at the event here on the blog too. And just letting you know, that this isn’t a paid post or a big information splash about Valio’s products, but more of my own feelings about the event.



First of all, a big yay: Finnish Valio products are now available at the basic stores here in Madrid as well. You’ve been able to find some Valio’ products here already like for a year or so, but quite randomly and by chance. While living on the coast, we were able to buy some of their products from the Finnish stores, but there wasn’t that much Spaniards among the customers, unless someone had stepped in by mistake and no one really knew anything about Valio. So now I hope that the Spanish, and especially the Madrid people, will find these new products on the market, because there are hardly any similar products on the market.

In relation to above, the products that were launched at the event were Valio Profeel protein quark in three flavors, chocolate-flavored Profeel protein drink, creamy Flan- cream pudding and unsalted butter. Yes, you read that right, authentic and original unsalted butter! And many people on the launch event seemed to be genuinely excited about that butter and those Flan puddings that aren’t in the market in Finland at all.



The event was really well organized, and after a short presentation about Valio, there were three different stands with professionals telling and giving ideas how to use the products and did some show cooking. My favorite was definitely the one where chef Gonzalo D’Ambrosio (in Instagram @gonzfd) made delicious snacks from pear flavored protein quark. I would never have invented myself a combination of this quark spread on bread and topped with crumbled blue cheese, walnuts, grapes and green leaves. So damn good combination and if you just have a chance, try it!

Everyone with whom I had the opportunity to chat at that event was very impressed with Valio and its long history, its lactose-free products, and the fact that the company is owned by Finnish dairy farmers. Obviously, this creates such an easy approach to the product and some kind of people centricity. In general, Finnish culture and Finnish products are valued here in Spain very much, so I really hope that these Valio products will be well welcomed by the Spaniards and that the product range will grow in the near future.



If I could wish some more products here, would like Valio to bring a good cottage cheese and vanilla sauce. Yes, you can buy nowadays some cottage cheese from almost every store, but its taste is much tart or sour than in Finnish ones. And the vanilla sauce, on the other hand, is only available in IKEA and I know that even the Spaniards will go there to buy it, so the demand is already there. Just a tip for all you working at Valio 😉


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  • Thanks for this nice presentation Sanna, it looks like you had a nice time there 😉
    The products are available at Alcampo and Carrefour hypermarkets, as well as Ahorramas and Dia & Go, just in case any of you are looking for them.

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