Fall vacation in France Part 1

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As many of you probably already noticed, I made a quick trip to France to see my friend. Usually I travel with my family, but this time it was a girls’ trip, so no husbands nor kids were included. During those days we visited Nice, Cannes, Monaco, a bunch of small villages and of course spent some time in Antibes, where my friend lives. And because I took so many pictures from all of these places, I decided to write couple of posts about these days, so it’s easier for you to get some kind of overall picture about my stay in France. So, let’s start with Antibes, Nice and our hiking trip to Plateau de Cavillore, Gourdon.

Before my trip I already knew that Antibes is super beautiful place, but somehow it still surprised me totally. A lot of cute little beaches, pretty narrow streets, very tidy everywhere, a huge superyacht port called Port Vauban (I really don’t understand anything about boats, but it’s the largest marina in Europe and was full of expensive looking yachts!) and lovely cafes in every corner. For all the art lovers Antibes would be a dream vacation location as its famous for being home to the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. In Antibes we just strolled around the streets, visited Provencal market (I would have wanted to buy all the spices and seasonings, cheeses and vegetables from there!) and old town, had lunch while enjoying beautiful views and made some shopping. It was already off-season, and I can just imagine how lively Antibes is during the summer.



One afternoon we went to hike Le Sentier du Littoral Cap d’Antibes. The view during the hike was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and I wasn’t the only one thinking like that as most of the people were taking photos where ever you looked. My friend told that the route can be done in an hour, but we stopped a lot and were just amazed and fascinated by clear water and the beauty of nature, so it took a lot longer for us. I highly recommend you go hiking this route if ever visiting Antibes, such a breathtakingly beautiful place!



Speaking of hiking, we also hiked Plateau de Cavillore which started from Gourdon Village. I didn’t have any special hiking shoes with me, but this route was totally doable with my running shoes. All parts of the trail were well marked and there weren’t any hard or difficult climbs. It’s probably obvious that the landscape was just stunning, and we took a long lunch break when we got up there enjoying of the view. And the zigzagging trail back down looked so cool! We also went for a coffee to Gourdon Village and it was a really charming place.



We also spent a lovely day in Nice, which is btw the fifth largest city in France. If I had to describe Nice with couple of words, those would be: elegant but easy-going, simple but with everything you’d need within arm’s reach, pleasant and easy to visit, beautiful city with nature close by. And of course, the sea and beaches were lovely as I love being by the sea so those impressed me. I would love to come back to Nice some day with my family as there is still a lot to see and do!



So, as you can see we didn’t just lay on the beach during these days, which was so nice as I was almost first timer in France. It’s indeed handy when you have your own local tourist guide who took you around and showed you the main places 😉 . I will post the next part of my vacation as soon as possible so stay tuned!


❤️: Sanna



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