Fall vacation in France and Monaco Part 2

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A few days ago, I posted first part of my trip to France and got many messages from you. All of you agreed with me that Antibes and Nice are really beautiful places and some of you were interested in those hiking trails I told you about. It’s always wonderful to get feedback from readers, so thank you <3. If you missed the first post, you'll find it from here. And now it’s time for the second part.


Let’s start with Cannes. If I’m being completely honest, the host city of the annual Cannes Film Festival, didn’t meet my expectations. I’m not even sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that glamorous nor special what I had heard. Yes, we took a stroll along La Croisette promenade curving around the bay that is the stage for the spectacle during the festival and saw the red carpet at Palais des Festivals. Which was quite crowded as everyone wanted to take photos there…



We walked around the streets, stopped by some boutiques (you’ll find for sure all the luxury brands from Cannes, but also those commonly known brands that can be found everywhere in France) and had some drinks in restaurant. There was a lot of luxury hotels and restaurants by the beach and I can imagine how nice it would be to lay on sun beds sipping some rose wine when the high-season is fully on, but now it was for me more like small fishing village, that it used to be before rich people found it. Maybe I should give Cannes a new chance at summer time, because I really believe that it’s completely other world with lively streets and tanned people peeking behind their Gucci sunglasses.



Monaco, in turn, was a very nice place. Expensive, but worth of every euro! There was something really fascinating and glamorous in this place, that is located between the Alpes and the Mediterranean Sea. It was easy to get to know for the first-timer, but if you aren’t familiar with narrow streets and tight parking halls, you might want to leave your car home and arrive by train ?.



It was lovely just walk around Monaco and see all the places I’d heard about. Casino looked luxurious from the outside, but there was a private event going on, so we skipped it this time and headed for coffee and croissants to famous Cafe de Paris. Shopping facilities would have been excellent in Monaco, but we left also those until next time ?. I highly recommend you climb up to Prince’s Palace as there are excellent views over Monaco and harbour from the top of the mountain. And some cute little streets in the old town with good, hidden restaurants.



Last but not least we visited Villefranche-sur-Mer, which is located between Nice and Monaco, and was one of the cutest villages I’ve ever been. This compact, old fishing village was super colorful and full of picturesque small streets and high stairs. The beach boulevard with its cafes and restaurants side by side was delightful and I can only imagine how crowded the small beach of the village is in the summer time. Absolutely worth of visit if you ever travel between Nice and Monaco and like dreamy, small villages by the sea!



So, this is how we spent those five days, that went past super-fast. Traveling is always fun and you don’t have to wait next travel post that long, as tomorrow we are heading to Gran Canaria!


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