Easy Blender Pancakes

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Everybody loves pancakes, right? These Blender pancakes are just perfect if you’re feeling lazy and don’t feel like making a big mess in the kitchen. All you have do is to throw everything into a blender, press the button and you’re halfway to pancakes. I usually just pour the batter straight from the blender jar into the pan to save even more dishes, but if you want to make them even and look pretty, I suggest you use a measuring cup or a proper pancake pan 😉 .

And I almost forgot: These pancakes are also gluten-free, nut-free and vegan friendly, so do yourself a favor and try them!

Ingredients (2-3 servings):

1 big and ripe banana

2 dl (gluten-free) oats

1/2 dl rice flour

pinch of salt

2dl oat or almond milk or any other milk of your choice

Optional: 1 tsp baking powder if you want fluffy and airy pancakes


  • Simply blend all the ingredients in a blender into a smooth batter.
  • Pour batter into a lightly oiled pan on medium heat (works best as mini pancakes). Wait for bubbles to appear on the surface and then flip. Cook until golden on both sides.
  • Add all of your favorite toppings and devour.

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