Don’t skip breakfast to save calories for later

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Christmas is coming, which also means several pre-Christmas parties, dinners and bar nights with friends and family dinners with a lot of delicious food included. Maybe even some alcohol, which is quite calorie dense stuff. All of these together mean a significantly higher amount of calories than you are used to or what your body really needs. The idea of saving some calories from the breakfast for later creeps into your mind slowly…

I’m a true breakfast lover and I cannot function before breakfast and I can’t even think about leaving home without eating it. But I do understand the idea of this saving thing! You figure you’re saving yourself some calories in the morning and can enjoy all of the treats later without feeling guilty. And maybe you get also a couple extra minutes to snooze ?.

But the human body is not that simple when it comes to its functioning, and you may be doing disservice to yourself if skipping the breakfast. Especially if your body is used to it and “waits” breakfast to get the day rolling.



I gathered here three of the most important reasons, in my opinion, why you shouldn’t miss breakfast. Even when attending a party later in the evening ?.


Get your metabolism running. During the night your metabolism slows down, and it needs energy i.e. breakfast to replenish body’s fuel reserves and kickstart your metabolism, so your body can start producing the energy you need for the day.

Enhance Brain Function and Mood. Your brain is a complex organ that requires a variety of different nutrients in order to function at its best, and if you don’t give it what it needs, you might remain in “foggy feeling” until you eat something. A proper, nutrient-dense breakfast will enhance on your memory, mood, focus and attention, and if you are planning exercise session right after, it may help you to work harder and boost calorie burning.

Avoid overeating later on day. Eating a balanced breakfast can help to reinforce portion control and to curb unwanted midmorning cravings. These cravings are usually unhealthy foods and you may end up running to vending machines on the workplace’s hallway or nearest fast food restaurant, and the end of the story is already known to everyone. Also, eating reasonable portions is not only a smart way to lose weight, it’s the most effective way to maintain your weight once you’ve reached your goal.

Researchers have found that people who lose weight and keep it off are generally those people who eat a healthy, balanced breakfast. And one Christmas or December aren’t going to ruin that ?. If you want to “save calories” do it by eating a little bit lighter during the day, but don’t skip the whole meal or even worse meals. This way you keep your metabolism running the whole day and your body doesn’t have the urge to hold fast to every calorie it gets later on evening. Also, I promise that you will stay in a better mood, when you’re sated and energized!


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