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Arriving to a new place for a holiday can be sometimes stressful because you want everything to be perfect, eat good food, find the best beaches, make good purchases etc. Before your holiday or when you arrive to the destination, you spend a lot of time (or at least we do!) to find information about everything. Just to make your stay easier and more enjoyable. Of course, technology helps and we have services such as TripAdvisor where all the other travelers have written and shared their tips with fellow travelers.

But when you arrive to Nerja, there’s one app which is A MUST for you. I actually use this app and I’ve found many useful things from there, although I had lived here already for months before I first tried it.



The app is called Nerjapp and it’s a totally new and exciting way to discover Nerja. It’s free to download, and it’s a unique way to help both locals and tourists to get the most from Nerja. It’s like TripAdvisor, but a lot more and focused only on Nerja and its services! With it you’ll find easily for example best restaurants near you, have an instant access to news and information (it’s nice to find all the upcoming fiestas and be updated about local events), exclusive discounts, interactive maps and loads of handy tools.

Here’s my 3 favorite things on Nerjapp:

Handy tools section: In need of a taxi? This section holds so much useful things such as bus timetables, important phone numbers, taxis etc.

Local businesses: Need a haircut? Great way to find some interesting local businesses and service providers. It’s also super easy to check the prices and ongoing offers all directly from your smart phone!

Things to do: Got bored with laying in the sun? Get some ideas what to do and where to go while your stay in Nerja.



The Nerjapp is still quite new and growing every day, and I think that makes it also interesting because you find all the time new things from there. And yes, you can find my services also from there 😉 Check it out and get the first consultation for free and 20% off from the rest!



*In collaboration with Nerjapp

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