Christmas Holidays in Perth, Western Australia

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My best friend has been living in Perth, Western Australia now more than eight years. Last time we visited them with my husband six years ago and now finally we had an opportunity to visit them again. That time it was just us four adults but now we were already seven people. They have two beautiful, little boys Henri and Kai and we have our Luca.

So, this time we planned the trip a bit different way because last time we for example drove along the cost all the way down a place called Denmark (Yes, same name than the country in Europe). When getting there we stopped in different places such as Margaret River and Bunbury. Moreover, we visited Rottnest Island and also went for a few days to Melbourne to spend the New Year just together with my husband.

This time we just planned to stay in Perth which could sound boring but it’s not. Perth is actually the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia. Moreover, it is the fourth-most populous city in Australia, with a population of 2,022,044 living in Greater Perth. Fun fact is that it’s the second most isolated city with over 1 million population in the whole world. The nearest city of over 1 million (or 500,000) to Perth is Adelaide, which is 2,104km away.



First week in Huntingdale

This time we didn’t stay at my friend’s place as it would have been quite a circus with kids running around 24/7. Instead, we rented an apartment via Airbnb located in Huntingdale, which was less that 10 minutes’ drive from my friend’s home. That two-bedroom apartment had also pool so it was perfect for our purpose. Area was really calm and tidy and had couple of playgrounds nearby to entertain our little monkey.



The first week of the holiday went by really fast, as we attended my godson’s birthday party and all Christmas celebrations were on that week too. Christmas morning we spent at the beach (of course) and had dinner with my friend and her spouse’s relatives at Willetton. We also went to see Mundaring Weir on Christmas day, which is a dam located 39 kilometers from Perth in the Darling Scarp, Perth Hills. This beautiful place was really green and so different compared to the area where we stayed and offered panoramic views over the lake and national park. Park BBQ’s are a deeply ingrained part of the culture in Perth, and there are public, free of charge gas-powered BBQ’s in almost every park so of course we had also a picnic there among wild kangaroos.



Next stop: Perth City

After staying over a week in Huntingdale, we returned our rental car and headed to city center of Perth. Last time we visited the downtown only really quickly, so it was nice now to spent there more time. We didn’t really have any big plans for those days, so we just walked around, saw some attractions, went to Elizabeth Quay and Kings Park. Had a drink here and ice cream there. Peacefully and without precise timetables. Just like vacations should be!



We stayed at Crowne Plaza hotel (click for more info about the hotel) which was within walking distance from almost everywhere and had a rooftop pool, so it worked perfectly for us. Picturesque Langley Park with really nice playground and the spectacular views of the city’s iconic Swan River was right at the hotel doorstep. Our room was spacious, breakfast was good, and hotel had also fitness center, so we could have stayed easily a couple more days there!



New Years at Scarborough

Just before the turn of the year we packed our bags again and ordered Über from Perth downtown to Scarborough. And luckily we decided to go there because that time spent in Scarborough was definitely the highlight of the this trip. We stayed at great Rendezvous hotel (click for more information), spent all mornings at Scarborough beach and at its playground, found nice restaurants and fell in love with that place.

I have so much things to share with you guys about Scarborough, that I will write a separate post about it shortly.



Fremantle, our last stop

Last part of our vacation we spent at Fremantle, which is a major port city, located at the mouth of the Swan River. Last time we spent there only one evening, so it was nice to return there with more time. Fremantle was an interesting blend of fishing boat harbour, Old West- kind of architecture, luxury accommodations by the river, handcrafted beers, vegan friendly and superfood offering restaurants and cafes (also a lot of burger places!) and laid-back people. I found this place really interesting and for some reason fascinating.



We rented a really nice apartment via Airbnb, and its location worked really well. A lot of restaurants in nearby, a short distance to the nearest beach and close to Fremantle center and Markets. Markets were a nice mix of everything from arts and crafts to fudge and from cosmetics to food court. I’m always into this kind of things as it’s interesting to discover new things, so I was really happy that the place was so close to our apartment.



So, our Christmas holiday in Perth was made of sun and dear friends, discovering new places, good food, relaxing and quality time with the fam. And all the traveling and long flights with the little one went really well, although I was expecting some big meltdowns at some point of the 22-hour travel.

A really successful vacation, I would say!


Next week I will write more about Perth and the reasons why you should travel to Western Australia too.


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