A Christmas getaway in Malaga

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Last weekend, we had a chance to make a little getaway trip with my husband, while my in-laws took care of our son. Málaga is less than one hour drive from Nerja, and frequently touted as the best place to spend Christmas in Spain, so that’s where we decided to go.

On our way to Malaga center, we had a coffee break in cute little place called El Palo, which is 10 minutes’ drive from the center. El Palo is the old, still working fishing village of Malaga, where you can see its history in everyday life. So if you ever need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the city center of Málaga, head to El Palo and have a delicious lunch at any of its fish restaurants 😛 .



We stayed at AC Hotel by Marriot Málaga Palacio, and once again my husband had made a perfect choice for our one-night stay. Central location, 1.5 years ago renovated beautiful rooms, very friendly and attentive staff, delicious breakfast and stylish Christmas decorations all over the hotel. I’m not particularly a Christmas person, but the decorations made me feel a little bit more Christmassy 😉 .



We had a room with sea view and also the view from the hotel’s rooftop bar was amazing <3 .



The center of Malaga was very Christmassy and beautiful, but way too crowded for my taste!


Tinto de Verano even though it’s winter <3.



The purpose of this trip was just to relax and do nothing special. We strolled around the center and were thrilled about all of the Christmas decorations and lights, bought couple of Christmas presents, sat in cafes, went for dinner when we got hungry, slept longer than usual and we ate hotel breakfast without interruptions. So pretty perfect I would say and I guess, only parents can relate to these feelings. All in all, it was a perfect little getaway trip <3



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