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Fourteen months ago, we packed our stuff in Majadahonda and moved to this beautiful place called Nerja. We bought an apartment, found a day care to our son (Spanish, private one), settled down, and started living our everyday life here at the costal. I hired a private Spanish teacher (who btw has been the greatest and I’m not that lost case anymore! Thank you Ana ?), met some wonderful people, who I can call my dear friends nowadays and every day fell more in love with Nerja. But now it’s time to say good bye and move on!



Yes, we are moving again! And not just to any place but back to Madrid. And to be more specific, back to that same old neighbourhood in Majadahonda, where we lived 2.5 years ❤️.

Couple weeks ago, my husband found us a wonderful apartment from there and we had to seize the opportunity. Everything is happening super-fast and I can’t even describe how excited I am!



And no, this moving back to Madrid / Majadahonda didn’t exactly appear out of the blue. The more time we have spent away from our beloved city of Madrid, the more we realised that the suburb lifestyle suits really well to our little family and made our desire to start a new chapter of our lives more strong.

The life in Nerja has been wonderful and memorable, and we have experienced a lot of great things (and of course also those not so nice things like problems with renovations and leaking ceilings…), but from now on Nerja will be again just a place for our holidays. Nerja will always have a place in our lives and hearts ❤️.

I may not have fully realized everything that has already happened and will happen within a short period of time, but I’m so excited! And happy ❤️.



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