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I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments about our return to Majadahonda, Madrid and I thought that it would be a good idea to share a small update what has been happening since we got back.

Those 14 months we had in Nerja, were unforgettable and although I miss the beach and those beautiful teeny tiny streets, at the same it feels so good to be back in Madrid. In a place which was the first real home for our family and where we always felt so good. And I know that I’m not alone with these thoughts, I can see the joy and happiness also from the faces of my boys!




We’re now living very close where we used to live in a wonderful apartment located right next to a huge park that my husband was able to find us. Our son got back to his old kindergarten (English, private one) for the summer and we just got to know that he got a place to the school nearby where he should start in September. Yes, that is an actually school and normally Spaniards start when they are three-year-old but because of our living situation, Luca didn’t start last year, when we were still in Nerja. Luca also started at Finnish school on Saturdays, and he eagerly awaits every weekend, that can play there in Finnish with his friends.




Although moving has become quite normal for our family, it still takes a lot of time and effort. There’s so many things to take care of and we all like to make our home nice and comfortable as soon as possible. But despite all the hassle, we’ve had some time to enjoy as a family. For example, we’ve visited already Warner Park, we went to see Atletico’s game, we’ve been doing some shopping or actually A LOT of it (moving to a new, empty home without almost any furniture isn’t that cheap!) and of course just spend time as a family.

Also, we joined a new gym! YEY! Even though we loved the one we were members for 2,5 years, now when we got back, we used the opportunity and visited few others and then made the decision to join the FITUP! It seems really nice, very new and exactly what we need. With our old gym the “problem” was that we paid a lot of services we hardly never used so this new gym fits to our needs a lot better.




Now it seems that we are here to stay, hopefully (fingers crossed!), and this home will be ours for the next years. Something that can be hard to believe for our son coz when we moved here and talked about his school starting next autumn he asked: “Are we still going to live here then?” Yep, we’ve been moving often during the past four years, but now it’s time to settle down! This is our home and where we belong.


❤️: Sanna





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