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There’s still plenty of summer left, at least here in Spain. August is actually the most popular holiday season for Spaniards, so last Sunday also we headed to Valencia for a couple of days. We had been home already some days after our week in Finland, so it was about time to hop on a train ?.



The main reason for this kind of ex tempore trip was that Atletico de Madrid had their La Liga season opening game in Valencia, against the home team. The game my husband didn’t want to miss. And when I have a chance to spend time by the sea, my bags are packed in the blink of an eye ?. I love being by the sea whenever it’s possible!



We stayed at Hotel Neptuno (click link for more info), which couldn’t be located any closer to the beach. For real, there was only a sidewalk between our hotel and the beach, so I really got to spent those days by the sea. I really liked this hotel: our room was spacious and tidy, with the sea view from the big windows. Hotel staff was really helpful and there was something for everyone at the breakfast buffet. You could also ask for omelets and other freshly made options. Hotel also had gym, small spa and a roof terrace with a hot tub, that will have to wait until our next visit. Definitely highly recommended hotel if you want to enjoy beach life. Or night life, as there was a really nice-looking Beach Club right next to the hotel!



If I’m completely honest now, I didn’t even go to center of Valencia, only stayed by the sea these couple of days. My husband went to see the Atletico’s game, but as it was an evening game, I stayed at the hotel and got to spend some quality time with our son. And how wonderful it was just be and go with the flow! Most of the time we spent at the beach enjoying the sea, sand and sun, in between we went for ice cream and had some lunch and dinner when the hunger hit us. Right next to our hotel was newish playground for little ones, which worked really well for our son.



Maybe if this would have been the first time for us, we would have “had to go sightseeing” and see the biggest attractions, but now we just focused only on beach activities. Last time we stayed on city center and saw more Valencia itself, but now I loved the idea that we didn’t have any plans and time tables.


But what do you think: can you “just lie on the beach” (which is a completely different thing while traveling with 4 years old ?) or do you have to do something else, see attractions, go to museums, etc. on holiday?



Unusual was also that we used the train instead of our car this time. It was so easy and fast! It takes only 1h 45 min from Atocha train station, Madrid to Valencia, so it’s also a convenient way to travel with a child. Just a tip for all of you who come to Madrid spend holidays and want also include the beach part ?.


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