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What is Ambronite?

• Ideal for sensitive stomach and for anyone struggling with gut issues
• Made of 100% natural, real food
• Includes all the 29 essential vitamins and minerals for the human body
• Fiber rich so it improves gut and immune health
• The product is completely dairy-free, lactose-free, preservative-free and GMO-free.
• Ambonite also doesn’t contain wheat, rye, or barley and it’s vegan friendly



I got familiar with Ambronite already a few years ago, but now I found it again and I’m totally sold. My husband participated in crowdfunding at the beginning of the story of Ambronite three-four years ago and we got some samples of it. And to be honest, the taste of the drink didn’t please my taste buds at all and I forgot it completely.

The boys of Ambronite, however, believed in their products and worked hard to find the best ingredients for this drink and to get the taste for it. They wanted to create a product that contains proteins, slow-absorbing carbohydrates, fats, and healthy fibers in an optimum ratio that keep hunger at bay for hours. The goal was to create a complete meal shake that is made of only real, natural ingredients and really nourishes your body. And oh boy, how well they have succeeded in that mission!



Lately, Ambronite has been quite visible on social media and I got a idea to give it a new opportunity. Generally, I take all the meal replacement drinks with a pinch of salt, because I like to eat pure and real stuff. Most of the time I try some “healthy, ready-to-eat meal replacement, my tummy turns upside down as those contain so many sweeteners and additives. But fortunately, I gave Ambronite a new chance, because now I’m absolutely hooked! This drink doesn’t taste too “green” (especially when you keep in mind all the green ingredients this drink contains ?), the taste is actually really pleasant, preparing it happens in the twinkling of an eye regardless of where you are, and after drinking it, you’re full of energy. And best of all, after drinking Ambronite, I’m feeling really good and I still have happy tummy!


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And if you’re not satisfied, Ambronite will not just pay back your money, but gives you 10% extra. Yes, that’s right. Ambronite has 110% money back guarantee, so what are you waiting for!?




?: Sanna



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