Afternoon trip to Fuengirola

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There aren’t anymore that many food related things we miss from Finland. I don’t know if it’s the time lived abroad or changed taste preferences, but our wish list of the things that we always ask for whenever a friend or relatives visit us gets shorter year by year. For example, all the sweets and chocolates have dropped off almost completely, with the exception of some of our son’s favorites. And because the selection of natural nuts and nut butters have grown recently in almost all the basic stores here (when we moved you could easily find only salted and fried ones), no one has to drag those to us anymore from Finland. Just to mention few of my “heavier favorites” from the list!

However, there is one thing that especially our son misses from Finland; decent rye bread. Of course, we have some “rye breads” also here in Spain, but he doesn’t like those that much and always asks for Finnish rye bread if someone comes from Finland. Last Saturday he ate the last slice of Reissumies (popular brand) rye bread from the freezer and to avoid a catastrophe, I decided that we would go for a rye bread search to Fuengirola. And why to Fuengirola? Because it has become a real mini-Finland in Spain and I knew that there are some stores where you can buy some Finnish products.



With a quick Google search, I found two stores, which are concentrated selling Finnish and other Nordic products, and luckily those are located very close to each other: La Leona Supermercado Nordico (Avenida de Los Boliches 114) and Centron Puoti (Av. de los Boliches 4). So, son into the car and on the road! It took a bit more than one hour to get there so it was also well used nap time 😉 .



And what we bought? A LOT of rye bread, different kind of porridge flakes (the only ones you’ll find from basic stores here are natural oat flakes), Moomin candies, Taffel cheese doodles (I think that our son just found the package very funny), some Finnish protein/energy bars and frozen lingonberries. Guess which ones were for me 😉 . We also bought ice creams and went to the beach to eat them as it was super nice and sunny day. I tried this Mämmi- ice cream, which was new for me. Mämmi is traditional Finnish Easter dessert and the ice cream was really weird; not bad but wouldn’t buy it again…


How about you other Finns or people living abroad? Are there some food related things you miss from your home country?


❤️: Sanna



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